CAREER handover of the project within the

CAREER EPISODE 2INTRODUCTION2.1This part covers my experience ofwork for which I was involved with RANYA General Construction from November2008 to January 2010. I occupied a position of Planning Engineer for the constructionof high building which was named as Prime Business Centre. This site waslocated at Jumeirah Village Circle which is approximately 40 Km from DubaiInternational Airport Terminal 3. I contributed for the successful delivery ofthe projectBACKGROUND2.2 2.3 2.

4 2.5As I performed thework of the project as a part of organisation, I was bound by the regulation ofthe organisation to utilize my rights and responsibilities. Actually, I reportedthe project to the project manager for approval. A simplified organisationalchart is shown below that shows my rank during the project tenure. Fig.

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: Anorganisational chart of the project team2.6I was responsible for theaccomplishment of every significant tasks in the project as per the responsibilitiesunder planning engineering. Following assignments were assigned to me by theproper agreement of the team members:·         PERSONAL ENGINEERING ACTIVITY2.

7Being the pioneer member of theteam, I earned an opportunity to learn about the starting up the project. I startedup with thorough study of the contract documents that included conditions ofcontract, scope of the project, drawings, bill of quantities, material take-offfor the establishment of requirements of project and its deliverables. At thesame time, I developed a milestone schedule of works to get the information ofthe project deliverables and their corresponding timelines.2.

8Thereafter, I moved on to planthe project under planning management. Firstly, I prepared the project workbreakdown structure to split the work into small fragments which could reducethe work overload. Then, I used Primavera to develop an overall schedule of theproject that addressed the overall discipline of works i.

e. procurement of resources,construction, testing, commissioning and handover of the project within thescheduled timeline. After approval of the timeline of activities, I generated asystematic Manpower Histogram (MPH), Equipment deployment plan (EDP) andMaterial Requirement Plan (MRP). 2.9I divided the works into threephases, i.e.

engineering and procurement, construction works and project closeout. In coordination with engineering department I prepared the submittal planof design drawings to get consultants’ review and approval, for the scheduledissuance of shop drawings. 2.10 2.11 2.12 2.13 2.14 2.15 2.16


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