Career Choice Essay

GradesDropping out of high school without a diploma has a direct bearing on the work and career options open to adolescents. So, too, do the final grades at the end of high school. Students with high averages have the option of going to college, while those with very low grades have to do remedial study or find entry-level jobs that are open to them.EconomicsMoney plays a key role in career decisions, particularly for students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. So even though a high school student has the intelligence to be a Harvard lawyer, unless she gets a full scholarship, she may have to resign herself to a career of working in a daycare center.LocationIn a study of science students in Western Australia, Deidra J.

Young reported that students from rural and urban schools had different educational cultures. Even though students considering careers may all be American, they look at the choices and possibilities differently if they live in New York than they do if they come from Deadwood.Time OrientationAccording to Ferry, adolescents who choose to go to college have more of a future orientation than those who choose unskilled labor or vocational careers. Students who enroll in a four-year program know they won’t be in the workforce until they graduate, but they will have more career choices than those without a postsecondary education.Read more: Factors Affecting Career Choices Among Students |

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