Carbon-based In 2005 the U.S. alone spent

Carbon-based energy sources have been a problem on the earth ever since the industrialization period started in the U.S. The main problem is that carbon has more disadvantages than advantages long-term and yet we are still using it for our main energy source. Carbon energy has many effects such as, global warming, pollution, and collecting resources is very dangerous which could cause injuries and destruction of the planet.The main cause for humans using carbon-based energy sources is because the cost is much cheaper than renewable sources.In 1973 industrialization started to happen worldwide, in that process the world used about 4675 tonnes of oil but in 2009 the world has used about 8.26 billion tonnes of oil and this rate isn’t slowing down (Advancing the Science of Climate Change, 2010, p.

350). The U.S.A.

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is using 20% of the world’s energy and ever since 1973 the energy consumption rate is increasing by 1% every year, out of that 20%, 86% of the energy is from fossil fuels (Advancing the Science of Climate Change, 2010, p. 350). In 2005 the U.S. alone spent $120 billion behind the impacts of fossil fuels combustion (Advancing the Science of Climate Change, 2010, p.

352). Hydro energy, solar energy, wind energy, bioenergy, and geothermal energy are examples of renewable resources . Today the most efficient energy sources are either wind energy or solar energy (Andrew Griffin, January 4, 2017), wind energy produces more electricity than any other source, solar energy is now the cheapest energy source used in almost 60 countries (David Nield, December 23, 2016). In 2015 China invested 103 billion dollars in solar energy which is the largest investment in renewable energy source in 2015 (David Nield, December 23, 2016).So Solar Energy is the energy source that is used in almost all the countries because it is known for a longer period of time and it is cheaper than the other energy sources. Solar Energy was found in 1839 by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel (Energy Matters).

However, the first solar panels weren’t invented since 1941 which is still not that recent (Energy Matters). Solar panels work because the light from the sun crashes into the compound that solar panels are made of and this creates energy. Then the compound takes in the electrons which are the main source of energy and sends them to a plant, this is called the photoelectric effect. Also, the solar panels are mainly made up of solar cells which are the compound that allows the electrons to pass through from the sun. Solar energy is beneficial because the sun is easily accessible and it can be placed almost anywhere. A good example would be the use of solar energy on a house, on average if you buy a solar panel for your house you can pay off the cost of that solar energy in about 25 years.

After that you would have free energy for life.The U.S has not used much renewable research and out of that 25% of the renewable energy used is Hydro Energy and only 5% of all its renewable energy comes from solar panels which are not a good number. Hydroelectricity appears to be the number one choice for the Americans and from gathered info, it is said that the US will increase 2.

5% of hydroelectricity every annum out of all renewable energy (Institute for Energy Research). Though the US didn’t do much in the past for solar energy it now has a solar field in California called Solar Star 1 and 2 and they produced the fifth-most solar energy in the world in 2016. The Solar Star produces about 580 megawatts of electricity yearly which is quite a bit considering that the largest solar plant in Canada only produces 150 megawatts of energy (Samsung Renewable Energy). At the moment the US is going downwards in renewable energy and on making a change in global warming ever since Trump became president. Trump dropped out of the Conference held in Paris for slowing down global warming and he is setting trade barriers between the US and China (Adam Vaughan, December 15, 2017). China is the largest producer of Solar panels in the world and if the US does implement this it would greatly increase the cost of solar panels in the US. That could lead to fewer solar plants and fewer sources of renewable energy in the USThere are many other factors this could affect such as the citizens of the country.

They have their own personal preferences and that would affect this choice such as their cultural, ethical, and social points of view. Their cultural point of view would be affected if they have different beliefs such as in the Hindu religion they have a sun god and they believe that the solar panels are stealing energy from the sun. This is just an example of what could happen if people have different beliefs. Next is their ethical perspective some people think that fossil fuels are the only right option because it is the most trusted energy source, many people are difficult to change once they have that one thought stuck in there head. In this case, it is that fossil fuels are better than renewable resources. Overall people should start using renewable energy sources because it has a plethora of advantages over fossil fuels. That being said it is also reasonable to use fossil fuels to create something that creates renewable energy.



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