Car crash revision Essay

Car crash/1Police are asking the public to help locate a male suspect following a hit-and-run automobile accident and a bank robbery in Flaxtown early Saturday.Flaxtown police officials said an unknown male driving a green Holden Commodore collided with a white Nissan Patrol about 3:30 a.m. near the corner of George Street and Sunshine Drive. The driver of the Commodore then fled the scene of the accident.Flaxtown Police superintendent George Mallory said the car was also seen speeding away from the Westpark Bank around 10:00 a.

m., shortly after it was robbed by two men wearing balaclavas.Alan Smith, the driver of the Nissan, sustained leg injuries and was transported to the Flaxtown Hospital. Police are still conducting enquiries.

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(ends)Your Name HereWednesday, December 14Women’s Association/1The president of the Country Womens’ Association arrived in Flaxtown Tuesday to visit the members of the Flaxtown branch.While in Flaxtown, Mabel Johnson will present a check of $6000 to the Flaxtown Disabled Childrens’ Association. The money was raised by Flaxtown CWA members from their annual cakes and lamington stall.

Proceeds will go to the Disabled Childrens’ Association to buy wheelchair transport and voice-activated computer technology.“It’s such a worthwhile cause,” Johnson said.This is the first visit Mabel has made to Flaxtown in her new role as president of the association in the states. She will present the check tomorrow at 9:00 a.

m.“This donation proves that old-fashioned community spirit is alive and well today,” Johnson said.(ends)Your Name HereWednesday, December 14Singer visit/1International singer, songwriter and movie star Russell Eagle will visit Flaxtown at the weekend to see his mother.Marigold Eagle, a patient at the Flaxtown General Hospital suffering from a broken leg, confirmed her son’s visit.Mrs.

Eagle says opportunities to see her son, who was born in Flaxtown, are rare these days, due to his busy acting and singing careers.“And he’ll probably fuss over me,” Eagle said. He always does.Mr. Eagle, normally a resident in Spain, stars in the new movie Garfield, which is now showing at Flaxtown Flickfest.

(ends)Your Name HereWednesday, December 14New bridge/1Flaxtown Member Paul Morris announced last weekend that a new bridge will be built over the Victory River crossing.The bridge will replace the old causeway where several people have drowned over the past 20 yearsThe modern construction will cost approximately $3.7 million — the highest amount of any bridge in the state in the past 50 years.Morris said the project was very important to the residents of Flaxtown.

“I get up to six phone calls a week from parents pleading with me to do something to make it safer for their kids to fish at the river crossing,” Morris said. A fenced walkway on the new bridge will solve that safety problem.”The bridge is being funded by the state government’s bridge development program.(ends) 


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