Canadian Youth & Obesity Epidemic: Realities and Solutions Essay

The youth today faces a very problematic situation. Young Canadians face the truth of obesity and the consequences of the condition. In today’s world, these Canadians are not taking care of their body; they are not fulfilling the nutritional needs of the body. Thus, leading themselves towards obesity.

What is obesity? Well, it is essentially a condition one faces when they consume more calories then they burn. If this continues, the individual would find themselves gaining weight, perhaps more weight than the amount that is healthy.Furthermore, it is concluded that obesity is defined if one has a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or over. Therefore, it is important to practice a healthy lifestyle, one that is beneficial to us and the people around us. Before beginning to address the issue however, knowing the causes and the consequences of obesity is essential; the realities of obesity and the solutions must be addressed in order to overcome this epidemic that today’s youth faces in Canada.

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Knowing the causes of a certain situation will help sufferers of obesity take the first step to eliminating the problem altogether.There are several causes that can lead to obesity and these are different for every individual. Overeating and under exercising are definitely causes that lead to obesity. However, there is much more to the iceberg under the water. Behavioural, social, environmental and genetic factors may also play a role in the development of obesity. Many individuals undergoing stress of some sort, whether it is due to their family, friends, career and society, they resort to food; they believe it is the way to cope with their dilemmas.Others simply lack sheer will power and self control.

The public is exposed to different kinds of foods and they are advertised in an exceptional manner. Although, fast food tastes well and it is easily accessible, it is important to remember that such foods are not doing justice to the human body. Eating fast foods on the rare occasion is acceptable and it is important to be treated with foods of preferences too, but if over eating that food is harmful in the long run, one must stop and think whether or not their actions are the wisest.In the fast paced, urbanized lives, young Canadians tend to forget the important things and do what is easier. Continuing on, recent research indicates that genetics plays an important role in the development of obesity. Genetic factors have been discovered that result in the changes in one’s appetite and fat metabolism. Although, some individuals have these factors, it is important to remember that it is up to the individual, whether or not to act against them.

Several statistics show that the population of Canada is increasingly becoming obese. Could all of the causes mentioned, be playing a part in this?Over the years, the number of people who are obese has increased greatly and it is the responsibility of Canadians to spread awareness and take action. The youth must not let such alarming statistics scare them, but instead motivate them to bring about a change. The newer generations are faced with a more stressful life. The constant struggle against various problems, has significantly affected the health of Canadians. Human beings’ most primary agent of socialization, which is family, is not able to spend as much time with one another in today’s world.The comfort of the family’s support and time can match no other.

In addition, the insecurities of jobs add a great load of stress. Without a job, Canadians fear about their means of survival; they fear about bills and taxes they must pay, which are quickly increasing due to the economy. All these factors are definitely affecting these individuals’ mental processes, thus, affecting their health in ways that does not serve them right. The consequences of not taking care of the human body are severe.

Many young individuals in Canada face this dilemma.They risk a greater chance of getting a coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension; which is essentially high blood pressure, a range of different cancers and a number of other various chronic health issues. These health concerns may very well harm one’s body beyond recovery and can potentially lead to death. However, these are only the issues that may arise concerning the human body. Obesity may also lead to feelings unexplainable. Not only is the victim affected by such emotions, but also the families and friends of that individual.It is known that an individual suffering from obesity often feels depressed and anxious.

This is mainly because they do not feel comfortable with their body and they do not know what their future holds for them. Most victims often feel unable to control their temptation, which only leads to more distress. Not knowing whether or not they would lose weight again results in a helpless feeling. Although, it may be hard to handle, it is essential to overcome the mighty emotions because that is the only way one can begin to work on themselves.Moreover, people close emotionally with the victim suffer a great amount of sorrow as well. Seeing a close family member or a friend under distress, unable to control their actions can lead to feelings of sadness, anger or even guilt. But, it is important to remember that acts of encouragement would motivate the victim to take action, more than feelings of anger or guilt. Facing these consequences with a positive attitude would help these individuals overcome and become someone they would once again appreciate.

Overcoming obstacles in life is the way of life.An individual suffering from obesity can resort to a number of solutions. One of the options is to enroll into behaviour management classes so they can change their diet and physical activity habits. These classes help one learn how to cope with their temptations and how to act upon them. Another way to solve the problem of obesity is to obtain drug therapy or even receive surgery.

Sufferers of obesity must remember that exercise definitely sheds body mass which can be the start to not only freeing themselves from obesity but also helping themselves from the extremities of hypertension.Furthermore, avoiding an excessive amount of sugar and minimizing the intake of alcohol, caffeine and nicotine would be highly beneficial as well. Additionally, staying away from stressful environments would greatly impact the individual, as they would not have the temptation to cope with their stress by means of overeating.

It is stated that to be physically healthy, one must go through several steps. Firstly, it is important to listen to the human body. One must take care of its needs. Secondly, it is prudent to eat a variety of healthy, wholesome foods, only then will the body receive all the essential nutrients.Many individuals undergoing obesity tend to forget that all fats are not the same, some can be harmful to the body and those should be limited. Also, the intake of salt and sodium should be minimized. Continuing on, exercising regularly and obtaining enough sleep is crucial to one’s health. Lastly, a very important step is to not become preoccupied with the body’s weight.

This only leads to insecurities and drastic measures to attain the “perfect” body. As a final note, one can only begin to recover once they have the will and determination to do so.Therefore, it is necessary to believe in oneself, take the right precautions, and begin the journey to a better lifestyle.

In essence, looking into the causes and the consequences will better help young Canadians understand the seriousness of obesity. This understanding will encourage them to put forth an effort into changing the situation. Canadians are faced with the realities of obesity to a great extent. As humanitarians, it is imperative to help sufferers of obesity overcome their health precaution. There are several ways to do so and just mere words of support can definitely help an individual through their hardships.Even though, the statistics show that Canadians over time have evolved to become more obese, Canada must bring a change.

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