Cameron Highlands Essay Sample

On 16th April 2015. I and my schoolmates went to Cameron Highlands for a trip as a demand for two topics which are Business Marketing and Issues in Marketing. During the trip. there were some issues that I found on the manner to Cameron Highlands. The issues are some autos in the incorrect lane of route at the PLUS toll. some lorries that stop beside the route without any traffic cone or signboard to warn drivers. the landslide and the conditions of route at Cameron Highlands have slow down our journey.

First. the issue of autos that went to the incorrect lane of route at the PLUS toll has forced other drivers to utilize more clip than should. This is because when a auto is at the incorrect lane of route during the line uping to pay the toll such as a auto that does non has Touch n’ Go but still travel for the lane of Touch n’ Go has forced other drivers behind the auto to change by reversal because it is the lone manner to work out the job. Most drivers said that the signboard that shows the type of toll counter in PLUS main road is non seeable from a distance particularly when the queuing is long and besides because the lane for some counters at toll such as Touch n’ Go maintain changing as the Numberss of counters at toll besides changed harmonizing to the figure of lane at a certain route in a certain topographic point which are most route of main road have 2 lanes and some have 3 lanes.

These signboards that differentiate the type of counter at the PLUS toll will go more unseeable during the heavy rain and cause job to the drivers that are non familiar with the toll. PLUS toll should supply a signboard that can be read and seeable from a distance to work out this job as this job occurred from a long ago until now and drivers are ill to cover with the auto in the incorrect lane as the auto in the incorrect lane has made the others to wait and utilize more clip.

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Second. some lorries that stops beside the route because of dislocation did non set any traffic cone or signboard to warn drivers. This attitude of drivers have put other drivers life in danger particularly those whom are siting motorcycle because lorries that stop beside the route are parked beside the route that ever being used by the motorcycle riders. Many instances of motorcycle riders that died because of hitting the rear of the lorries have been reported late. Most bike riders said that these lorries that stop beside the route are non seeable from a distance particularly during the dark and high traffic. Some besides said that the motorcycle riders that died because of falling to avoid these lorries as the lorries are parked beside the route at the route that have a somewhat bend and the lorries are non seeable. These lorry drivers should be prepared with the traffic cone or warning signboard to warn drivers and riders when they have to halt beside the route with no other pick. By utilizing those traffic cone and warning signboard. other drivers and riders can see those lorries from a distance and give them the clip to decelerate down to avoid those lorries and at the same clip salvage their life from hitting the deathly rear of lorries.

Third. the landslide at Cameron Highland besides has decelerate down our journey. At Ringlet. there was still some building to retrieve from the landslide that made us to wait for approximately 5 proceedingss because the 2 ways route has became a 1 manner route. we have to allow all the autos that heading out from Cameron Highlands to come base on balls us until coatings so that we can utilize the 1 manner route to travel to Cameron Highlands. These landslides are said the consequence of the deforestation that being done by the development company that sharply cutting down trees to do a topographic point to develop edifices. The issues of landslide at Cameron Highlands besides an issue that been reported late and have killed 1 pregnant adult female with her kid.

The authorities should take action to decelerate down the development at Cameron Highlands or even halt the unneeded development at Cameron Highlands as there were excessively many natural catastrophes occurred at Cameron Highlands such as the clay inundation that occurred at Ringlet Lake in Bertam Valley at Cameron Highlands have killed 4 people and damaging more than 100 houses that occurred last twelvemonth. Fourth and in conclusion. the status of route at Cameron Highlands besides have slow down our journey a spot. This is because the size of the route at Cameron Highlands is narrow and the route can non accept a high capacity of traffic. As Cameron Highlands is a celebrated touristry topographic point. there will be many vehicles that come to Cameron Highlands and I can see many tourers comes to Cameron Highlands utilizing coachs and coachs need a wider route to travel.

For illustration. during the journey my coach was confronting a traffic jam and at the same clip another coach was coming from the forepart and the coach that coming to us has decelerate down his coach and carefully drove his coach. The distance of my coach with the other coach was truly close and will be hit if the driver is non professional or careful. Government should take enterprises to better the size of route at Cameron Highlands to supply more comfort to the tourers and at the same clip supply more safety the route users. The benefits of bettering these roads besides will better the quality of life for the Cameron Highlands occupants.


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