Cake History Essay

Every year a person gets one year older and we celebrate that. A birthday is one of the most memorable events in everyones life.

The biggest part of a birthday is the birthday cake. Nothing other than the cake makes a birthday complete. Birthday cake is a tradition that has been around for over 800 years. A birthday cake is shared amongst everyone at the birthday party, to celebrate. It also reflects the hosts respect for their guests. A cake was a traditional centerpiece for a celebration such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and special events, no matter how many other goodies there may have been on the table.

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To eat such a thing was a rare treat. Cakes from earlier eras, such as Greece and Rome, have little resemblance to modern day birthday cakes. They were made of cereal grain meal, moistened with water or wine. Cake began as unleavened disks of seeds, fruit, honey and grain The cakes were usually shaped into flattened rounds and baked.

Cakes were named “plakous” by the Greeks. Plakous was a combination of nuts and honey. They also made a cake called “satura,” which was a flat heavy cake. Ancient greeks referred to their cakes as breads but there was little distinction between the two.It is believed that the greeks offered a round shaped cake to Artemis, which is the goddess of the moon. They even placed candles on the cake to make it glow like the moon. Romans had a slight change in the name of the cake.

The name of the cake was “placenta. ” Placenta was a sort of cheesecake. It was baked on a pastry base, or sometimes in a pastry case. Their cakes were even called “libum” and were sometimes used as a offering to their gods.

They were served at special birthdays, but these cakes did not resemble cakes today.They were simple round, flat cakes made with flour and containing nuts, leavened with yeast, and usually sweetened with honey. There are three different types of birthday celebrations by Romans, which include private celebrations with family and friends, city and temple birthdays, and the birthdays of past and present emperors or members of the imperial family. The 50th birthday year was celebrated with a honey cake, which is made of wheat, flour, grated cheese, olive oil, and honey. Germans also baked a special kind of cake called “Geburtstagorten,“ which as baked in layers. Really, the birthday cake tradition started in Germany where a sweetened bread dough was made in the shape of baby Jesus in swaddling clothes and were used to celebrate his birthday.

The birthday cake later reemerged in Germany as a “kinder fest,” or a birthday celebration for kids. It is believed that the first birthday cake candles were used in Germany during the middle ages as symbols of religion. In England, birthday cakes were leavened with yeast, while their sweetness was not an important factor.Their cakes were also baked carrying symbolic objects such as coins and thimbles. The objects were mixed with the batter of the cake and was said that the one who would get the coin in his piece would become wealthy, and the one who got the thimble would remain unmarried. People in England called their cakes pastries.

They had a special cake called “babka” cake, which were prepared by women and the men were not supposed to come into the kitchen while it was being prepared. They believed while baking the cake there must be no noise at all, they did not even whisper while baking this cake.


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