Caitlin by authorized organizations regarding health care

Caitlin FortnerHealthcare Databases1/11/2018 URL: https://www.            TheNational Practitioner Data Bank is a data bank that is organized by the U.S.Department of Health and Human Services. I believe that the NPDB is a nationaldatabase because it holds information from medical providers and suppliers fromeach state. “Reports in the National Practitioner Data Bank are records of actionstaken by authorized organizations regarding health care practitioners,entities, providers, and suppliers who do not met professional standards”.

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(Reporting to the NPDB). For facilities to report medical malpractice andmalpractice payments, they must follow federal regulations. The overall goal ofthe NPDb is to improve the quality of care.

              Statingthat the NPDB is a national database means that all the information is comingfrom reports from specific facilities within each state. For the healthcarefacilities to make an authorized report to the NPDB, they must first becomeregistered with the data bank. When a facility is making an authorized reportto the data bank, they are following the federal regulations of the NPDB(Reporting to the NPDB). These federal regulations will let a facility knowwhat actions are eligible to be reported, and what actions are required to bereported (Reporting to the NPDB).             The NPDBwas created in 1986 by Congress, and it was created to overall improve thequality of care the patients are receiving.

To improve the quality of care, theNPDB prevents medical practitioners from moving state-to-state because of amedical malpractice claim (About Us). Since malpractice payments are alsoreported to the data bank, this also helps reduce the amount of healthcarefraud and abuse (About Us). I believe that the overall goal of the NPDB is toprotect the patients from medical malpractice and also malpractice payments.      Citations: “Reporting to theNPDB.” The NPDB – About Reporting,


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