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Buy Nothing Day” is a international day of protest against consumerism. This day offers a environmental safekeeping. It is a very influential and a very advocated holiday started in Canada in 1992 that shows consumers how much healthier there lifestyle could be! I feel as this holiday is very underrated and more people should participate it in to just see how much unnecessary things us consumers use/waste especially today’s generation.    “Buy Nothing Day” motivates a social comprehension of today’s society consumption of products and energy. As taught today in California public schools, Americans throw away approximately $165 billion worth of food each year, and there is a estimation that Americans produces 1,130 pounds of trash each year, per person.

That is a ton of energy wasted! The economic upshot of immoderate consumption is intolerable for today’s society. This is going to lead to a catastrophe for many low income families, and they are most likely not the ones causing the issue. There are 31 low income countries struggling in today’s society because of pollution and energy waste, which is mostly caused by all the high income countries and their waste. If we continue with this horrible wasteful  lifestyle we are going to see a increase in prices, lost of jobs, and market crashes.     A huge start in preserving energy and waste is to educate today’s younger generation because that is where most of the waste is coming from. In today’s society teens except that shiny new Iphone, that brand new car, new clothes, the newest things out in today’s world, and much more. Do those teens/young adults realize how much energy is used by making all these items, how many of these items are just going to be thrown into a landfilled after there done with it and want the newest version.

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Well that is just part of today’s society expectations. Most of the time the items you have in your homes are perfectly fine and do not need to be “upgraded”, but people always come up with egocentric reasons of why they need to buy something new. Relating back to that brand new Iphone everyone wants, if everyone in the U.S. was to turn their phones off for one day, and take part in “Buy Nothing Day” the U.

S. would save a great thousands of volts amperes on cell phone usage. Those saved watts could be used to fuel are economy, and to help others struggling.

     Living in America, you see people from other countries assuming that you do what you want when you want whenever you want, do what you discern, without any thought in the world. Struggling countries see us a self centered. A “Buy Nothing Day” would help other countries outlook on America. So not only would it help America’s economy right now, it will also help America’s future because when the day comes that we run out of the resources we are using up so quickly, because that day will come, other countries that are more fuel efficient with their resources, such as Germany, will look back and see that we did celebrate this day in order to help not only the wellbeing of this country, but also the low income countries that are struggling because of our waste, and since we are trying to make a change they may look ar are effort and lend a hand.    I stand with “Buy Nothing Day” because I believe that this holiday would have a positive out come on our society. Not only should America be taking part of this day, it should be world wide due to current global warming issues. Just one day out of the year could make a difference, help with our future, and everyone would benefit marvously.



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