Business Interactions with Nations Essay

In order to make the international concern, there are many dimensions that we need to concern to avoid the undermentioned hazard ; commercial, currency, state, and cross-culture. Each dimension has an impact on the concern both direct and indirect manner. Among these dimensions, the most importance thing is the civilization particularly for the insurance concern like us, because the typical manner of insurance is straight deal with people. Each one might hold their ain personality which is different even inside one state. International concern means that you need to cover with people from different states, different nationalities, and different linguistic communications. This is the most ambitious things for us, who ne’er have any experiences abroad, to awareness.Culture relates to a system of shared premises, believes, and values that guide people.

It appears in term of behaviours, statements, and material points. It can be transmitted from coevals to coevals which may accommodate overtime. There are many people define the definitions of civilization, for illustration Hofstede, the Dutch anthropologist, states civilization as the corporate mental scheduling of people.There is no right or incorrect in civilization, different nationalities have difference civilizations. Some of them are usually do in this civilization, but non in the other civilization. For illustration in Thai, we ever recognizing by Wai, but the western ever recognizing by agitating manus. Culture is non about single behaviour.

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Merely one individual does, we do non name as civilization. Culture is a groups, that people shared values and significance as in the society, state, nationality. Furthermore civilization can non inherit ; people realized from the societal environment. We can be perceived the civilization by acknowledge the behaviour from our parents or household. We can besides larn the regulations and behavioural forms in the society or adapt to a civilization by our ain experience.

To larn the civilization is non easy, there is a research compare civilization as an iceberg. Above the surface, the certain characteristic are seeable, we easy acknowledge them. Below the surface is monolithic base of premises, attitudes, and values that influence determination devising, struggle, relationships, etc. We have to pass more clip to acknowledge it because these things you need to comprehend them by your ain feeling. All of these dimensions have an impact on making international concern in every procedure.

First, when you decided to spread out your concern, you have to cognize your client good, what they want and need, in order to function them the right merchandises and services. You have to pass on your aim to the foreign concern spouse. In this procedure is truly importance, because if you miscommunication, it will be hazard that you can lose your concern spouse. To get down up the international concern, the local spouse is important, because we are non familiar with their civilization. We need person, who familiar to the market, assist us to spread out our concern in that state.

Following measure is testing and choosing the concern spouses. Everyone privation to make the concern with the best spouses, if conditions non hold by all, we need to negociate.Challenging in making the international concern is to cover with the people from different states and different civilizations. We have to cognize and fix ourselves before get into the international market. You have to maintain in head that even in the same state but different location, their civilization or traditional might non similar. From the Edward T.Hall, a research worker, classified two authoritative dimensions of civilization which are high- and low-context civilization.

The context refers to the state of affairs, or environment that connected to an event, a state of affairs, or an single. A high-context civilization stresses on the physical facets, the closer relationship, and the more high-context communicating. This is an indirect manner of communicating, maintaining of harmoniousness, and careful non to abash or pique others. In the other manus the low-context is much emphasis on spoken words, unfastened, direct, and base on the true feeling. Largely European and North American are low-context civilization, but the Eastern Asia has a high-context civilization.

High Context Cultures

JapanArab StatesGreeceSpainItalyEnglandFranceNorth AmericaNorse StatesGerman-speaking States

Low Context Cultures

Beginning: Hall, E. and M. Hall ( 1990 )Understanding Cultural DifferencesAnother celebrated natural cultural categorization is the Hofstede ‘s cultural categorization. He explained about the national and regional cultural which has an impact on the behaviour in societies. He classified features into five dimensions ; Individualism-collectivism, Power distance, Uncertainty turning away, Masculinity-femininity, and Long-term and short-run orientation. In each type of civilization dimension has an affect circuit concern so it is really importance for us to cognize and understand the people in each type really good. We can besides sort our clients in each state and accommodate our concern to suit to the civilization in that state.The first group is individuality and Bolshevism.

Individuality is the features of individual that tends to concentrate on his/her ain self-interest, in contrast with the Bolshevism. In Bolshevism, group is really importance. They usually compromise and conformance in order to keep group harmoniousness. Asiatic state largely have high rate of Bolshevism, so making the concern with Asians need to see in this point. For the insurance concern, you need to detect that non merely one individual can want to subscribe a contact with us. The insurance bundles that cover in group or all household members may be a good pick in Asia, but you can non utilize the same scheme in Europe or America.

Because in Europe or America has really high individuality rate.The 2nd group is power distance. Society with a high power distance has a broad spread between powerful and weak.

There is comparatively different in equalities. For illustration, in the high-power distance squad, the leader has a strong influence over their members, which have a low degree of liberty. The low-power distance means minimum in spread. This sort of cultural, everyone in society seems to be, non much differences between directors and employees. The United States scores comparatively low on power distance.The 3rd group is uncertainness turning away. This group is straight affects to our concern, insurance concern. The high uncertainness turning away, people are tried to minimise the hazard and guarantee the security.

The insurance concern created for reassigning and cut downing the hazard of loss, which straight receive from one entity to the others, by interchanging for payment. Insurance is one signifier of a hazard direction. Every company must hold to be after for hazard, to forestall their company from loss or insolvent. Besides with the individual, particularly in the states which has high uncertainness turning away, the society can non accept in something that hazardous. In order to minimise or cut down degree of uncertainness, these states have adopted and implemented rigorous regulations, Torahs, ordinances, and policies. So, these states should be our mark group.

When the feature of society tend to avoid the hazard, they perfectly find something to vouch that they will non loss or cut down their hazard of loss. The more uncertainness turning away, the more security they want. In the other manus, the low uncertainness turning away, people in the societies can be accepted to uncertainness. They can do determinations rapidly because they like to take a hazard ; the hazardous pick ever comes up with the immense involvements.The Forth group is masculine and feminine civilization. The masculine is the features that have more competition, aspiration, and accretion of wealth. The maleness express as assurance, and leading in the concern.

The feminine is more concern and attention for the hapless people, fostering functions, and mutuality among people. Making the insurance concern is partially covering with the feminine civilization.The 5th one is long-run and short-run orientation. The long-run orientation is the characteristic that people tends to take a long position of planning and life, which traditional of Asiatic civilization. Furthermore they besides try to follow the program for easy to work out the job, if there is something incorrect. When we have a program, we will cognize the precisely manner that we have to travel and the possibility consequence. If the consequence is non good as we expected, we have to re-check the program.

The short-run is the opposite side to long-run, they ever no program or hold a program in really short period.Culture in my sentiment it non merely merely the norms, believes, or behaviours, in add-on I think that usage, faith, even the linguistic communication besides consequence on the concern. In the Islam societies, the faith is truly importance. It is the root of Torahs, ordinances, economic sciences and political relations. Religion has the most powerful influence on the society.

Language is indispensable of communications. This is a great plus in international concern because it facilitates cross-cultural apprehension. If we missed in communicating, the concern end might non be achieved. There are two types of linguistic communication, which are the verbal and non-verbal linguistic communication. The verbal linguistic communication is the general speech production linguistic communication.

It is difference in each state. The same word in difference in linguistic communication can stand for the difference significance. In the international concern they usually use English as the in-between linguistic communication to avoid misunderstand.

The non-verbal linguistic communication or body-language is the linguistic communication that represent via the behaviour non give voicing, for illustration oculus contact, motion. I think this is more hard than verbal linguistic communication, because it does non hold in the lesson. They need to analyze by themselves from their past experiences.In my sentiment, to acquire into the planetary market is non hard, if we prepare ourselves good. These memo attempt to explicate to you about how importance of the civilization. I think that earlier spread out the concern into international market ; our company has to analyze more about civilization.

It some states, they believe or behave in the difference manner. For illustration, if you point a finger to person, it means that you are really ill-mannered and they would non accept you. If we does non detect about this, our concern might non be successes in that state.Hopefully this information might be utile for our company spread outing our concern into the international market.

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Case 2: What should be the chief characteristics of bettering methodological analysis for picking states?Answer:The showing and choosing states is indispensable measure for the houses to spread out their concern. Harmonizing to the list of states that the foreman believes hold the greatest potency for international gross revenues, he used the per capita income as an analysis indexs. In my sentiment, I thought that it non ever true that the high income state will purchase the luxury auto. I might be the possibility that the high income state will hold more possible to back up the really high monetary value of luxury auto, but it besides has some possibility that these states non interested in this sort of cars.

Nowadays, there are many states tend to concern more on the environmental because of the threated of green-house consequence. They tendency to utilize the eco cars, the save energy and environmental friendly cars. It has an impact straight to our company if we selected the incorrect mark, because we sell our merchandise to the clients who do non desire to purchase. So the consequence is that no 1 will purchase our merchandises. Therefore, to successful spread out the sell into foreign market company needs to concern on more than one dimension.However, the buying power still has to be concern because our merchandises are the luxury cars. To sell luxury cars in the state that does non hold adequate money to back up, it might be no one buys them excessively. The economic sciences of the state is still being an of import factor for our company.

They are four chief factors that company needs to concentrate on the international concern ; economic sciences, civilization, legal and political, and commercial. From the foreman ‘s list states, it seems that foreman concern on lone economic side. I think that per capita income is the interesting indexs for our concern as the foreman did. But he forgot the important factor which is buying power para.

He should utilize the buying power para exchange rates, instead than market exchange rate. The different thing is that buying power para ( PPP ) provides a more realistic indictor of buying power of consumers. PPP states that exchange rate between two state ‘s currencies are balance when their buying power is the same in each state. For illustration, if the value of Baht falls by half when compared to Euro, the GDP measured in Euros besides fall half. In fact, it does non intend that Thailand is poorer by a half.

The PPP is the really utile in the states which have a powerful authorities control over their economic sciences because these states, the authorities will conceal the information that represent the bad image for their state and demonstrate merely the good image or they might be some dealing that non recorded in the authorities list. We can name as informal economic system, the live economic dealing and left out of authorities computation. Furthermore utilizing GDP, a representation of income distribution does non accurately because of multiple pay earners.

There is another interesting construct, which similar to PPP is the Big Mac Index, developed by Economist. This construct states that exchange rates should set to be the monetary value of basket of goods and services around the universe. It comes from the beefburgers at McDonald ‘s, which the monetary value of Big Mac, sort of beefburger, is the same in all around the universe. I think that this rule will be more efficiency methodological analysis for our concern, in order to mensurate the economic sciences of the state. It might be more accurately and moderately measuring.Investing type is one thing that need to concern. If the company selected states for sourcing, the company would seek for states that have available stuffs. The exporting house should selected states with low duty barrier, and steady demand.

If the company searches for FDI, the company has to seek for states that have long-run growing and the potency for export. We can sort states based on the economic development into three types ; Advanced economic sciences, Developing economic systems, Emerging Market economic systems. The Advanced economic systems or Developed states are described the post-industrial states which has a high per capita income ( GDP ) , high competitory in industries, high- developed commercial substructure, and high evaluation of Human Development Index ( HDI ) .

The last standard is the most late index, which combines an economic step, national income, with other steps. This is an index that life anticipation and instruction. The Developing economic sciences are low-income states with limited or low degrees of wellbeing, industrialisation, and low developing rate. The Emerging market economic systems are partially of the former developing economic systems that achieved significant industrialisation, improved in criterion of life, modernisation, and turning in economic. These states are bettering to go an beforehand economic. The Emerging markets are interested by investors, because of fast turning economic.Among the three standards the Emerging market states is the most interesting and attractive states as mark markets, harmonizing to the turning of in-between category, which represent demand for many industrials such as electronics, wellness attention service, and cars. There is the study indicated that the largest emerging markets have doubled their portion of universe imports in the last few old ages.

Furthermore, in the emerging market states, the authoritiess and province endeavors are really large mark for sale of substructure and related merchandises, machinery, transit equipment, high-technology merchandises, etc. , because of they are seeking to better and level up their states. The high in return ever come up with high hazard, so the investings in emerging market is hazardous due to jobs, such as political instability, limited equity chances, and currency volatility.In the civilization dimension, some companies are selected state that has civilization similar to their place state, such as linguistic communication, faith, etc. , in order to acquire into the market easy. If they selected these states they do non hold to pass more clip to analyze and acquire used to this sort of civilization.

To be successful in concern, the houses need to understand their mark group. The basic measure for get downing the concern in the states which is non familiar is get downing with the gate manner states or regional hubs which are the entry points to nearby markets.The political and legal in state are the conditions that investors can non overlook. The stableness of political system effects on company operations and profitableness. In some states, authorities has an influence on the economic sciences of the state.

So, the economic sciences of that state depends on the authorities. The authorities can both incentive and protect their state from the foreign investing by jurisprudence and ordinance, revenue enhancement barrier, etc. Our company has to analyze political system in the interested state before.

The political system can be characterized into four types ; Totalitarianism, Socialism, Democracy, and Mixed ( strong private sector and strong public sector ) . All of these systems are straight related to economic, for illustration the dictatorship is related with bid economic sciences, socialism with assorted economic sciences, and the democracy links to freedom economic. Among of these economic systems the economic freedom is the most interesting, because of freedom and carnival in right, our concern will non step in inequalities.They are many methodological analysiss to analyse states, but in this instance I would wish to propose the PEST analysis. This tool is used for analysing the macro-environment of the external analysis. I think that this tool is the most suited for our company in order to picking states for investing because this tool will analyse in four dimensions, which are Political, Economic, Social, and Technology. All these four dimensions are related to the subject that I have already explained above. The political factor is about jurisprudence and ordinances.

For the investors, it is importance to analyze about the jurisprudence in that state before get into the state, be cognizant about violate the jurisprudence. For the cars, it besides has some limitations or conditions for export the auto into that state, for illustration in Thailand, the cars ‘ revenue enhancement is 300 % . The investors have to concern on this before set the monetary value, if they set the monetary value excessively high, no 1 can non afford it. The economic factors have an impact on buying power of client, which is straight related to the foreman ‘s listed. We should stress on the economic factors because of the luxury merchandise. The following factor is societal. It illustrates the demographic and civilization, for illustration population growing rate, age distribute.

These affect client demands and size of possible market. Technology factors can cut down the entry barriers, minimal efficient production degrees, and influence outsourcing determination. The last one is engineering. It is importance for fabrication. If we seeking the state for industry, we should look at the engineering potency, particularly for the cars industry. This industry is straight related to the advanced in engineering, research and development, and the altering in engineering.In drumhead, I think that GDP can besides be used to classs state but it would be better if we concern more on buying power precedence ( PPP ) . The consequence will be more accurately than utilizing merely GDP as the foreman.

If we would wish to sort states based on economic, I think that the emerging market economic sciences is the most interesting market for investing, harmonizing to the growing in the in-between age population which is the most powerful buying power, and the development of the state. Investing in the international market is non easy, the company needs to aware of the hazard in many dimension ; economic, civilization, state, and commercial. In order to choose the state, refering on merely the economic side is non plenty, we have to utilize others factor wholly. I think the most suited methodological analysis for piking states is PEST analysis because this tool is utilizing for the external and macro environment of states.

It besides covers all of the hazard factor that I mention above.

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Case 3: How relevant are the undermentioned factors in lending to possible state hazard: foreign investing Torahs, controls on operating signifiers and patterns, Torahs sing repatriation of income, environment and contracts.


The state hazard includes political and legal hazard. It indicates the potency of addition or loss of company ‘s operations and net income in a state.

The illustration of state hazard is stableness ; public violences, protests, wars, etc. Each state has different political and legal systems that challenges for company scheme and public presentation. In order to make the international concern, for Aoki corporation, the state hazard is one of many dimension that company need to see because it will be the status and barrier of company to acquire into and run the concern. If you did something go against the jurisprudence, you will have the penalty and can non avoid it. Some states are really welcome the foreign investors, they provided an inducement jurisprudence and ordinance for the aliens to put and run in their states. Some of them launch the jurisprudence to forestall the profitableness for their states ; put a high duty barrier. The weak in enforcement of Torahs and ordinance besides challenged for company, because it easy to violated and weak in penalties. The largely jobs for go againsting the trade Torahs is about the rational belongings.

The state hazard influence can be classify into two types ; the systematic state hazard, which affects all industries, all houses in a state, and unsystematic state hazard, which affects merely a subset of houses.Here is the state hazard ranking from Euromoney state hazard, March 2010. This single-footing include overall factor ; political hazard, economic public presentation, structural, debt indexs, recognition evaluation, entree to bank finance/capital markets.

State Risk Ranking

Least hazardous states, Score out of 100




Overall mark








Overall mark


584350Mexico68.565254Soviet union61.48Beginning: Euromoney Country risk March 2010This tabular array illustrates the top 10 of the least-risky states for investing and besides the company ‘s interested states, which are China, Mexico, and Eastern Europe for fabrication and Latin American and Europe for selling. You will see that largely states in Europe are in the top 10 of less-risky states for investing. The company ‘s interested states are evaluation around in-between. So these states are non bad pick for investing.They are many relevant factors in lending to possible hazards that Aoki may meet, which are foreign investing Torahs, controls on operating signifiers and patterns, jurisprudence sing repatriation of income, environmental Torahs, and contracts Torahs.

The foreign investing Torahs are the Torahs affect the type of houses ‘ come ining scheme, their operations and public presentation. Each state has the difference grounds for limitations, for illustration Canada ‘s ground is to guarantee net benefit to their ain state, United Arab Emirates concern on economic and demographic, China are purely controls over foreign direct investing and restricts foreign investing in some mark industries. These are the illustrations of foreign investing Torahs in some states from GAO sum-up and analysis of jurisprudence and information.

Selected Laws and Regulations Addressing Foreign Investment Restrictions


Laws and ordinances

Reasons for reappraisal or limitations

China2006 Regulations for Mergers and Acquisitions of Domestic Enterprises by Foreign Investors, Catalog for the Guidance of Foreign Investment IndustriesNational economic security, protection of critical industries, purchase of celebrated hallmarks or traditional Chinese trade namesGermany2004 Amendment to 1961 Foreign Trade and Payments ActEnsure indispensable security involvements, prevent perturbation of peaceable international coexistence or foreign dealingssIndiaForeign Exchange Management Act, 1999National security and domestic, cultural, and economic concernsJapan1991 Amendment to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act of 1949National security, public order, public safety, or the economic systemSoviet union1999 Federal Law on Foreign InvestingsProtection of foundations of the constitutional order, national defence and province security, anti-monopolyUnited Arab EmiratesAgencies Law of 1981, Companies Law of 1984Economic and demographic concernsUnited StatesExon-Florio Amendment to the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amendedNational securityBeginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. on operating signifiers and patterns by the Government, houses should execute and run the production, selling, and distribution activities follow the set of Torahs and ordinances. For illustration, the federal Mexican authorities has a Foreign Investment Law dated December27, 1993.

This jurisprudence classified the economic activities limited list into seven classs. It has a difference limitation ; such as crude oil, communicating via orbiter, etc. are reserved for the province. Some activities are required from the national committee on foreign investing, in order than foreign investing may transcend 49 % , such as port service, legal service, insurance bureaus. If we interested to fabricate in Mexico, we should analyze whether our concern types are in the limited list, or non.

Law sing income repatriation related to the income and return on investing. This jurisprudence has limited the sum of net income or dividends that houses can reassign back to their home-country. Some states non allowed the foreign investor to reassign all of their income back to their home-country, they limited the sum that can reassign. So the investors have to reinvest in their host-country. This is the one method for control the money flow out. The exchange rate plays an of import function in this transportation because it limits the ability of another state to reassign money.Environment Torahs in some states are purely. They issue Torahs to forestall and protect the natural resource affected, impacted, or endangered by human activities.

Furthermore this jurisprudence besides required to protect human wellness and safety. Nowadays many states are cognizant of utilizing natural resource, so they are a batch of Torahs, ordinances, and understanding between states concern on this job. For illustration in Mexico, environmental criterions enforced due to the fright of foreign investing cut down their resources ; the Eastern and Central Europe have an organisation worked as spouse part to develop more effectual environmental protection.The last factor is contract Torahs. The contract jurisprudence is rule or ordinance about the relationship of an understanding between two parties. There are five types of contracts ; gross revenues of goods or services, distribution of the house ‘s merchandises through foreign distributers, licensing and franchising, FDI ( Foreign Direct Investment ) , and Joint ventures.The sale of goods or services is the conditions or limitations for anyone who sells goods or services need to understand the deductions and their duties that they have under it. This jurisprudence will say what you can sell, quality and measure that can be reach.

If it does non suit to the status ; low quality, the providers have to responsible for the job. The distribution of the house ‘s merchandises through foreign distributers ( export ) is the restriction of directing the merchandises from home-country to sell in foreign. The restriction is depends on each county in order to protect their state ‘s benefited. For illustration China has been control the sum of rare earths component to export because this minerals are critical to the industry of hi-tech merchandises.

If China exports more rare Earth, it will be affected to the state as an alternate beginning for fabricating hi-tech merchandises. Licensing is the term of contract jurisprudence between two entities, one entity is called Licensor and another is called Licensee. The Licensor from one state will let the Licensee in another state to utilize the same fabrication, stigmatization, rational belongings, knowhow, or any related thing in the concern procedure. The licensee besides has authorization to run concern by itself.

The franchising is besides similar to licencing which is the corporation between two parties ; one is called Franchisor, another one is called Franchisee. The franchisor is the proprietor of trade grade and the concern procedure in alien and franchisee is the individual who received the right in making concern in the state. The franchisee have to run the concern under control of franchisor, which difference from licencing. The illustration of successful franchising is McDonald. In Europe, they do non follow a unvarying franchise revelation policy, unlike the USA. The Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) is an international scheme in which the house invests and establishes abroad in order to get the resources or natural stuffs such as equipment, labour, engineering, works, and land.

It besides requires a concern relationship between a parent company and its foreign subordinate. The joint venture is a type of understanding that two or more parties fall ining together for the concern intent. Normally join between the foreign company and the local company which has capablenesss and resources. All parties agree to portion in the losingss and net incomes together.

The joint venture can qualify in to two types ; equity joint venture and contractual joint venture. Harmonizing to the divided in profitablenesss, makes them difference ; contractual joint venture are divided harmonizing to negotiated contract term. But the equity joint ventures are divided in proportion to equity portions invested by the parties.

In China, most joint ventures are the equity joint venture.In decision, the state hazard is one of the factors that company need to concern. It is importance of company to cover with the state. Before we start to make international concern, company has to analyze more in this hazard. It is the challenged for company because in each state has the difference in policies, Torahs, and ordinances. To be successful is non easy, but it besides excessively hard for us. The state hazard factors include foreign investing Torahs, controls on operating signifiers and patterns, Torahs sing repatriation of income, environment and contracts. As I have already explained above, these points can be our arm to contend in the market if we use it in the right manner.

In contrast, it can do our company to free, if we do non cognize it every bit good. If Aoki would wish to put for industry the merchandises, the Torahs that we have to pay more attendings are the Torahs for fabrication, the environmental Torahs, and the control and operation in those states. If the company interested to spread out merely the gross revenues, they need to analyze more about the income repatriation, and the contract jurisprudence ; FDI, licensing, export, joint venture, which is the most suited for company and the status in each states.

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