Business Culture in Brazil Essay

AppointmentBusiness meetings are settled 15 days in advance and usually there is an e-mail or call to confirm the attendance a day before the meeting. Brazilian meeting can revolve, for the most part, around personal topics, and it may appear that Brazilians lack objectivity. However, be aware of Brazilians’ capacity for conducting business while talking about personal affairs and don’t underestimate their importance.

Business dress codeHow a person dresses is very important to Brazilians. This means that it will reflect upon you and the company you represent. As for dressing in the professional environment, Brazilian businessmen wear a tie and suit while businesswomen wear pants, skirts and blouses in a more formal. Avoid wearing ties with drawings and figures or that are too colorful.

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For Brazilians, they give the impression that you are not projecting a serious image.CommunicationBrazilian communication is complex, including elements of verbal and non-verbal communication and great use of body language. And Brazilians touch each other a lot during a conversation.

The intention is to get as close as possible. Closeness inspires trust, and trust inspires long term relationship.LanguageThe official Brazilian language is Portuguese. In a business environment English is widely used and understood, especially in the main business centers – southwest and south regions.Corporate CultureBrazilians have as a trait the attraction for risks but they are extremely against the methods and process. It’s difficult for them to meet the deadline that was previously agreed upon. Another important trait is that Brazilians are very emotional and transfer it to the negotiation table.

But Brazilians have a strong notion of hierarchy that encompasses power concentration and acceptance of inequality within companies.Working EnvironmentIn the majority of the companies, only directors and presidents have individual offices. Secretaries are only for high-ranking executives. And if staffs not participating in the company’s functions or informal events can be perceived as lack of consideration by the workmates.


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