Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Bullying is Wrong Essay

Bullying is Wrong Essay

Bullying is becoming a very large problem in today’s society. Ironically, at a time when equality is becoming greater, in topics like same sex marriage and etc. when in reality, all people should be treated exactly the same no matter what their differences be! Sadly, most of the time the cause for the harassment of bullying is due to differences in opinions and just very simple differences , ones that should be of no concerns to others, let alone be the cause of someone being bullied! Another area of bullying that is not always thought of or addressed when the topic is brought up is the bystanders, those who witness the acts of harassment. The final outcome of continuous bullying is sometimes as awful as suicide, something no teenager should even consider. At a time when equality is becoming so greater than before, so is bullying, what a sad irony that is.

Every child, every teenager, and every single person has their own interests; whether that is sports, acting, art, whatever interests them; every individual has differences in what they enjoy! No matter what a person likes to do, they should not be disrespected because of it or even judged for it. Often times, kids or teenagers will be bullied for their interests when they vary from another’s. Certain activities and etc. will be seen as “cool” and if that’s not also what you enjoy, some may have to face some type of bullying. Many bullied kids will no longer show interest in what they originally liked due to the bullying events, not allowing them to express themselves in however they enjoy to, often creating sadness. No matter what your interests are, no one should feel the need to disrespect them! A key problem to an end not being put to bullying is the lack of help/reports of it, the bystanders, the good and bad.

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When acts of bullying are occurring, many people will witness it, but not many will do anything about. The witnesses of bullying are bystanders, some create a huge change for the bullied, others do nothing, and some even find it funny. If all those who witnessed bullying stood up to the bully or reported it to an adult, bullying might not be as big of a problem that it is today. But, many of those who see it do nothing, ignoring the problem from being solved. Others who see bullying occurring are too afraid of what the bully or even others will think to stand up for the bullied! Even though that may not always be the smartest of ideas, it may help diffuse the harassment. Simply, the most responsible thing for people to do is often overlooked, reporting it to an adult, which is not only the most responsible, but the most effective.

Many of those who are bullied are afraid if they report the situation things will only get worse, so when it is reported by another it gives the bullied the relief of the bully. The most tragic outcome of bullying is something no one should even have to consider, but some act on, suicide…

A permanent solution to a temporary problem, suicide is a problem amongst many bullying occurrences. A problem that should be nonexistent, but isn’t. Often times one who has been bullied sees no hope in the end of it, causing them to result to their last resort, taking their own life. Sadly, most of us know someone who has committed suicide, a bad thing to know a person for doing, but an eye-opener to all. Precautions need to be made for those who even consider this thought, but sometimes it’s too late. Overall, suicide is an action that needs to be worked on to reduce! It will get better for those who are being bullied; they just must realize that point before committing to anything permanent no matter what helps the individual should be offered (counselors, therapy, etc.)

Bullying is a problem that’s growth needs to be killed off! Especially considering the change of today’s society the thought of bullying only becoming bigger is quite a scary thought. All individuals should be treated equally, the bullied are no exception to this rule, and they also deserve the respect made for them. The witnesses of these actions could make a big impact on the topic, the bystanders. Often times their role is overlooked, but bystanders really are a key factor of bullying no matter how they go about it; good or bad. The most tragic part of bullying is too often than it should be; the devastating thought of suicide. If all of society did their
part, bullying would not be the problem it is, hopefully this problem will be reduced and along with that, the problems caused by bullying!