Btec Business Unit 1 D1 Essay

I am traveling to measure the influence that stakeholders exert on Sainsbury’s. I will be measuring the undermentioned stakeholders: clients. employees. stockholders. providers. the authorities and proprietors.

The first stakeholder I am traveling to measure is clients which are external stakeholders. Customers contribute to net income degrees and turnover through purchasing merchandises and services. Peoples are stakeholders in a company for fiscal grounds. clients do non desire to hold to pass an inordinate sum of money to buy a merchandise.

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so if the merchandise is cheaper in one shop. such as Sainsbury’s. than in another shop so clients will purchase the cheaper one which so attracts more clients.

An organisation survives through client trueness i. e. holding regular clients. Sainsbury’s ensures that they get regular clients by giving them trueness cards. publicities such as “buy one get one free” . price reductions and other particular offers.

Sainsbury’s are acquiring regular clients which bring in more net income which so can be used to assist spread out the concern even more.Customers demand cheaper merchandises so local and national shops such as Sainsbury’s will seek to hold the cheapest merchandises for clients to purchase which so encourages competition between the shops. whichever shop has the cheapest monetary value for a peculiar merchandise so they would be pulling all the clients. The 2nd stakeholder I am traveling to measure is employees which are internal stakeholders. An employee is any individual hired by an employer to make a specific occupation.

Employees are of import as any other stakeholder because they have first contact with clients so if the clients want to inquire a inquiry about the organisation or about a merchandise so the employees can assist with that and that employees could besides urge merchandises to clients which will convey in more clients.


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