Btec Business Team Development P2 Essay

Describe how you would build a cohesive team. In this task I will explain what cohesive team is and what kind of organisation are using it. Building a cohesive team will involve making sure that you have very good staff. It also means having a good communication skill in the team. This will make sure that the team understand what they are doing and that is a good sense of leadership in the organisation.

NEXT Cohesive team building NEXT is one of the biggest retailers of fashion in the UK.The company have various teams that work together in order to ensure that they remain profitable. For instant they have a sales team, a finance team, a senior management team, and store teams. The company itself is led by a chief executive who manages all the team to ensure that they work in a cohesive manner.

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Teams allows friendships to grow and for individuals to show their talents, because within a good team the talents of each member is realised and used to strengthen the team.NEXT senior management team NEXT senior management team is responsible for making sure that each department work together effectively and that there is good cohesion. They make decision on strategy and delegate this decision to junior managers. I would ensure that the team understands what they have to do and that there is good communication within the team.

A strong team is one that has been together for a while and knows each other’s strengths and weaknesses.Although in these scenarios if there are conflicts then the team may not work that well together as their will are less team work and no one cooperating. NEXT Finance team Most often a formal team is a team that has specific tasks to get done and has a deadline to get that tasks done, within that team the members are more serious although they still get better acquainted. Within a formal team everyone has strict tasks that need to be completed although they still may get help from other team members; they have an objected that needs to be met.


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