“Broken Spears” Miguel Leon-Portilla Essay Sample

While reading “Broken Spears” . written by. I’ve had a little position of what Mexican civilization was like back in those times. They are sort of different from America’s traditions and societies.

Broken Spears is unlike others written about the loss of the imperium because it was written from the point of the Aztecs and non the Spanish. As the book goes on. Miguel Leon-Portilla describes how the Spanish were successful in taking over the solid imperium. The book truly starts out by giving a clear background of the beliefs and civilization. Motecuhzoma is seen as chilling because he made his people surrender. I respect the Indians and Aztecs because their ethical motives and imposts were Christian like and seemed as if they did the right thing all the clip.

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That showed they had character. But once more when you are being taken advantage of or you are being pushed around. finally there will be some revenge.

and that’s what I felt they did. Aztecs had God like features and that’s what kept them on the nice path. At first the Aztecs thought that the Spanish were Gods and did what they said to delight them. Montezuma.

who was the swayer of the Aztecs. had a amusing feeling about them. Not excessively long after they arrived. the Aztecs realized that the Spanish could be killed merely like their other enemies. so they went to war. They caught some of the Spanish.

killed some of them. even ate some. The Spanish won out because of their readying. and because they brought so many diseases with them. it killed some of the Aztecs every bit good.The Spanish came to the Aztecs land. and the Aztecs thought that this was the ‘God’ that they had been waiting for. They treated the Spanish with wealths and munificent nutrient.

as they would a God. They merely treated them to the finest of hoarded wealths because they were certain this was what they were looking for. The Spanish reported that they ‘were sickened by the people’s flooring routines’ . which was adverting toward the forfeit they saw. Then. when the Spanish tried to take advantage of what the Aztecs had given them. they realized they weren’t the Gods they thought they were looking for. So they cut them off.

Conversely. the Spaniards had the Equus caballuss. pieces. and they had most of the people of the Aztec society on their side. With that being said. the Spaniards didn’t like how the Aztec land was being run.

With these people and the Spanish’s cognition enlargements. they overthrew the Aztec Empire. After the Aztecs were conquered by the Spaniards. they were turned into slaves and treated harshly every bit good.

This beginning is dependable because it gives a good understand of what is being read. It has a construct that is good put together.


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