British Society Essay Research Paper The nineteenth

British Society Essay, Research PaperThe nineteenth ( 19th ) century was a period of great alteration and attach toing societal agitation in the British Isles. Most outstanding among the alterations was the industrial revolution. As everything in life, it brought good, but it besides brought evil. The industrial revolution combined with the enlargement of the British Empire made the United Kingdom, the richest and most powerful state in the universe. Some of the island-dwellers became incredibly affluent, but others, unluckily, became incredibly hapless. Writers from this historical period cognizant of the human agony, became societal critics of what was taking topographic point in England, of how the rich and powerful became more oppressive than earlier and how the really hapless, were equally more laden. Among these authors were Charles Dickens and George Eliot. In his novel, Felix Holt the Radical, Eliot ( nee Mary Anne Evans ) describes diagrammatically the struggle and conflict between these two groups.

In the novel, Eliot portrayed British society as holding two types of people, the oppressors, who were the landholders who had the ability to vote and function in authorities and so there the laden, who are the back breakage workers. The mill workers and mineworkers ( the oppressed ) were denied basic human rights and their sentiment and beliefs were discarded as being useless. These workers wanted alteration and reform, nevertheless they did non talk out against their Masterss or authorities because of fright of revenge by the oppressors, of penalty and besides because of the deficiency of leading accomplishment to form a rebellion.

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The leading that was needed was that of Harold Transome, a extremist, and of his political agents that began prophesying the demand for alteration and for equality among the workers.Traditionally, two chief political parties existed in Great Britain, the Whigs and Tories, which forced society to take what side would stand for them. The split in society caused struggle in which people would merely tie in with those persons who supported the same party. Adding to these struggles, political campaigners gave false hopes and promises in order to rock the sentiment of people. Nonetheless a rise of uncertainness for the two parties began when Harold Transome returned place and brought with him adequate wealth to derive the support needed to endorse up his political motion. Transome had made his fortune trading in the Far East of the imperium. Despite his huge luck there was one huge obstruction in Transom & # 8217 ; s program to reconstruct his estate and construct a political calling, which was that he wasn & # 8217 ; t the existent inheritor to his household & # 8217 ; s estate. Long ago, the principal of the estate was sold off to the Baycliff household.

Legally the estate belonged to Tommy Transome, an nonreader provincial who had been paid off to maintain lull. If anything were to go on to Tommy Transome, the rights to the estate would go through to any bing inheritor of the Baycliff household.Harold Transome the Godhead of the Transome estate was a strong fine-looking adult male who left place to happen his luck in the Middle East in trade. He worked in banking in Smyrna, presently Izmir, a metropolis in western Turkey. He returned to England when he had a ample amount which he would utilize to reconstruct his estate and back up his political actions. Harold envisioned alteration, a alteration for the good of the workers. He disliked the Whigs and Tories because they represented everything old and unmodern.

Bing a extremist meant new, betterment, alteration and modernisation. He had modern sentiments and thoughts to alter the result of society, nevertheless he still believed that adult females were cockamamie animals who did non hold any ability nor right to discourse or work with what he considered & # 8220 ; work forces & # 8217 ; s work, & # 8221 ; such as political relations and running estates.Mr. Johnson, one of Transome & # 8217 ; s agents was a magnetic individual with a strong passionate voice and convincing mode, with which he was able to annoy up the workers.

He claimed that their support of the extremist motion would better their lives. Harmonizing to Mr. Johnson, & # 8220 ; this state will lift to the tip-top of everything, and at that place isn & # 8217 ; t a adult male in it but what shall his articulation in the pot, and his trim money jingling in his pocket, if we merely exert ourselves to direct the right work forces to Parliament & # 8211 ; work forces who will talk up for the coal miner, and rock cutter, and the naval forces, and will stand no bunk & # 8221 ; ( p. 114 ) . Harold Transome was the adult male for this occupation.

He could set excess money in the worker & # 8217 ; s pocket and change the political sphere. In return for a opportunity of a better life, Mr. Johnson wanted the workers to demo their support for Harold Transome and the extremist motion. He besides demanded that the working work forces united themselves and give their & # 8220 ; custodies and voices for the right adult male, & # 8221 ; and when you shout for Transome, retrieve you shout for more rewards, and more of your rights, and you shoot to acquire rid of rats and brislings and such animate beings, who are the tools the rich brand usage of to squash the blood out of the hapless people, & # 8221 ; ( p. 117 ) .If left to themselves, these workers would hold ne’er conceived the thought to beat up against their oppressors. A strong influence was needed, a catalytic agent, in order to transfuse in them the thought that alteration was needed and lifting against the leaders of society their oppressors would convey about the best consequences. The result of Mr.

Johnson & # 8217 ; s address resulted in a really ephemeral rebellion with much pandemonium. The twenty-four hours of the election saw disquieted bibulous workers who wanted the blood of those who put them in their regretful province. Their presentation consisted ab initio of their choler by throwing veggies at the people eligible to vote and at shop Windowss ( p.

264 ) . The people in the rabble, nevertheless, grew even more hostile. The rabble decided to bring down some hurting on Spratt whom was a Sproxton adult male who did non back up the extremist motion Spratt was found in the Seven Stars, a good known constitution known for back uping the Troy political side. They invaded the hostel in which he was remaining and dragged him out into the streets kicking and shouting.

The rabble taunted him in order to see how much they could scare him before they truly hurt him. They continued their violent disorder until thy reached the town & # 8217 ; s centre ( Treby Manor ) where they invaded the manor and proceeded to destruct whatever they could. The rabble was destructive and out of control that the armed forces was called in to set a halt to them. As a consequence of such rash actions by the rabble, three people died, many of guiltless people were wounded and there were amendss to belongings and concerns, ( p 281 ) . Tragically, one of the work forces who died was Tommy Transome, which means that the estate would go through to Esther Baycliff,legal inheritor to the Transome estate.During all this pandemonium, there was merely one individual who remain unagitated and gathered and who tried to rock the rabble in another way. Felix Holt, was a ticker mender by trade, but a combatant for equality and the rights of adult male.

Mr. Holt knew that he would be unable to halt the rabble so his mission was to deviate them in a way where no 1 would be hurt nor injured. He did win in some facets. Holt realized that the rabble was non traveling to listen to ground so he decided to feign to be a portion of the rabble in order to pull strings them and keep them down until reinforcement arrived. He was able to acquire the crowd to bury about Spratt, nevertheless, he wasn & # 8217 ; t able to debar them from Treby Manor. For his attempts to assist, Holt was shot in the shoulder and sent to imprison for manslaughter, assault and rioting, ( p.

270 ) .I believe that the fact that the writer, George Eliot is a adult female is a important factor to this novel. Eliot clearly shows that during this clip that adult females were non considered of import in the eyes of work forces. Their chief responsibility was to bring forth an inheritor. However, the adult females during this clip did hold capable heads with their ain ideas and thoughts, for illustration, Mrs. Transome, Harold & # 8217 ; s female parent.

She was able to run the estate in the absence of her boy but when he returned, he treated her as an invalid. Womans are forced by society to depend on work forces, as it was the instance for Mrs. Holt, Felix & # 8217 ; s female parent. Felix Holt would non let his female parent to sell her homemade redresss for unwellnesss but she has no 1 to depend on when he is thrown into prison.

Eliot depicts a life of unhappiness and wretchedness for the most adult females in this novel. Mrs. Transome is a adult female enduring with anguish and pure hatred for her boy that leaves her to be a acrimonious adult female.As I was reading this novel, I was intrigued to happen out that George Eliot was a adult female because it answered many my inquiries. In my sentiment, the novel was a really descriptive 1. It emphasized on the power and strength of males within society and how their & # 8220 ; machismo & # 8221 ; behavior effects the result of how society behaves. As an foreigner looking into a complex universe, I am able to see things clearly. It is males within the society who are unsafe because they are the 1s who strive for power and success and they besides conjure motions that may hold negative impact.

Harold Transome & # 8217 ; s job was that he was seeking to overhaul and seeking to work out jobs for merely portion of the mystifier. He failed to take into history of the whole mystifier. Harold did non believe before acted and he did non take the advise of his female parent who foresaw the problems that his motion would convey.

In a manner, I believe that Eliot is seeking to demo the reader that society would be highly different if it was adult females who held control of it and dominant over the males. The universe would be rather different if adult females were in charge because adult females have a more of inclinations to show their emotions and speak things out. In add-on, they besides have the inclinations to look beyond and happen the root of the job. As Eliot describes the scene to the reader and the beavers of people at different phases of society, there is a intimation of love affair in all this. The writer disguises herself behind a masculine name but her individuality is revealed by the opportunity of her characters happening & # 8220 ; true love & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; merrily of all time after & # 8221 ; .

Esther & # 8217 ; s dream was to be rich, to hold a place and a rubric and she was granted he r dreams. She had everything she thought she wanted, nevertheless, she did non hold Felix Holt, her true love. Felix was sentence to four old ages in prison for his alleged offenses during the elections. Esther decided to give up everything she of all time wanted and go through the estate into the custodies of Harold in order to wait for Felix in life style that she found comfort, felicity and love.

fright of being involved in force: a dramatisation made possible by the salvaging clause of artlessness and misguided motivation, and so capable of salvation. As presented by the writer, at the start of the book, Harold & # 8217 ; s female parent was really much afraid by her boy & # 8217 ; s declaration that despite what others expected of him, he intended on running for office as a Radical, instead than as a Tory. Her fright responded to the fact that her boy & # 8217 ; s determination would interrupt with a well-established household tradition of holding their members serve as members of the Tory party. She besides feared that this alteration from the household political tradition might ensue in a loss of societal position for her. Of class, she had good guarded secrets which might come out if her boy were to antagonise other people politically.

Felix Holt was, if non outright opposed to imbibing, surely, opposed to the people passing their money at the Pubs, which should be put to better usage in run intoing the households & # 8217 ; demands. Further, Felix felt that imbibing led to violence to the household being hurt. Harold was in understanding with these thoughts. When the public violences broke out during the election, he intervened in an effort to intercede or merged with the crowd in an attempt to debar the force. The people were out to destruct belongings or to ache those who were opposed to their positions, peculiarly where it related to alter. Although, once more the demand for societal alteration was great and their ends were commendable, the manner they were traveling about was potentially excessively unsafe ( artlessness and misguided motivation, and capable of salvation ) .As presented by the writer in this book it appears to be a fact that popular motions really under manner are foolish and unequal, and that the lone wise class is dissociation from them. Eliot nowadayss as grounds for this doctrine, the fact that Felix ended up spending four old ages of his life in prison even though he had non done anything incorrect.

It would hold served him better and prevented adversity, had he non been associated with it. The motion besides created jobs for Harold with Jeremy who was blackjacking him with potentially detrimental information. The motion brought about the tenseness between Harold and who turned out to be his male parent, Jermyn. Further, it created struggle between Harold and his female parent to the point where she ends up wishing that, & # 8220 ; he had ne’er been born.

& # 8221 ; Esther besides ends up being affected by the motion, as she has to pass old ages off from Felix and experiences uncomfortableness over the ownership of Harold & # 8217 ; s estate. So much so that she ends up giving it up and, it is concluded, holding it revert to Harold.The purposes of the characters in the novel, so, are based on artlessness and misguided motivations, non on maliciousness, hence, they are capable of salvation.


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