Brita: In Search of a Winning Strategy Essay Sample

Who are the mark clients• Brita should switch from mass selling to niche selling • It should aim Principled Filter Fans which constitutes 17. 4 % of the entire population• Pitcher & A ; Faucet Mount users together in this section spans across 11. 7 million Households which is equal to 83 % of all H2O filter users.

Entire FamiliesProportion utilizing Pitcher& A ; FM

100 million14. 2 %
PrincipledFilter Fans
Affluent FridgeFollowings
Assertive SelfHumanitarians
Pitcher & A ; Faucet Mount67. 3 %1. 3 %9. 5 %Size of Section17. 4 %14. 2 %10.

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4 %Families Targeted11. 7 million0. 18 million1 millionWho are the mark clients• They consider filtered H2O to be healthier than tap H2O • They are truly concerned about the beginning of their imbibing H2O • This section includes relatively younger population. hence. it ensures long term growing of the company
• Most of import triggers of the purchase procedure: Impurities in H2O • Key Benefits that drive purchase: Remove contaminationsHence. Brita should market the merchandise as “Healthiest H2O available”
Scope in the mark clients sectionBrita can aim these many families more 5. 09 manganese more families for Pitcher Systems 3.

7 manganese more families for FM SystemSegment Penetration forPrincipled Filter FansOwn PitcherFiltering SystemOwn BritaUntappedPotential

Own Faucet59. 6 % Mount System50. 9 % Own Brita

26. 2 %17. 5 %

1 % Untapped82. 5 %5. 091. 8663. 761. 010Reaching out to Potential Consumer SegmentVia Social Networking sitesSports MagazinesFocus on healthy lifeSelling should provide to the psychographic section that caters to Sports.

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