BRISBANE seafood on the grill. Sausage sizzle

BRISBANEBrisbane is the capitalcity of Queensland in Australia. Australia is third largest state byarea. Brisbane enjoys a subtropicalclimate, defined by warm or hot weather for most of the year.

Brisbanehas a fertile wetland structure. The most important reason for this is theBrisbane River that passes throughthe city. Brisbane River is known asthe city center. Story Bridge is the most famous bridge inBrisbane.

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Mount Coot-tha is the highest mountainin Brisbane. It is the source of Ithaca Creek. Brisbane has fertile soil.Because of the port city, it is suitable for agriculture.

 Art and musicare important in Brisbane is culture. You see a lots things about classic and modern art. In the Queensland Gallery ofModern Art (GOMA) exhibit the mostwell-known pieces of modern art. GOMA is the largest modern art gallery in Australia. In the QueenslandPerforming Arts Centre (QPAC), people watch opera, theatreand ballet. There are many festivals in Brisbane. For example,  Soundwave, Ekka Festival, Brisbane Festival,Valley Fiesta, etc.

Brisbane has a very vivid and colorful nightlife culture.Brisbane is nightlife be in West End, South Bank, Queen street and FortitudeValley. There is no entrance fee for many alcoholicplaces. Brisbane visitors  should tryAustralian red and white wine.

 The Brisbane cuisine renowned for withcreativity in Australia food culture. Seafood is very important for Brisbanecuisine. Pie floater received award in 2003 and the most consumed food inBrisbane. Prepared by adding fleshy pie into the green peas soup.

Fleshy pie and fish n chips arefamous food in Brisbane. The Australians love this foods.The delicious otherfoods; cooked with butter seafood onthe grill. Sausage sizzle is some kind of hot dog.  Chiko roll is the most consumed snack.

Especially known tandoori chicken verypopular in there. Some of the best restaurantsBrisbane restaurants and cafe’s can be found in Brisbane, Chinatown, South BankValley mall.   


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