Brian of Music, Northland Cathedral School of

Brian Holmes graduated from William Jewell College with degrees in Violin Performance and Music Education. He has been an orchestra director at Truman High School. Brian teaches and tutors violinists as well as  violists at his house, Meyers Music, the Lydia Lovan School of Music, Northland Cathedral School of Music and lastly the Music Arts Institute.

He is a member of the MAI String Quartet and while also playing in Mt. Zion Chamber Ensemble. He does more than just 2 groups though, he plays in other the Kansas City area. He makes violins when ever he is not doing ensembles or teaching. He does also, compose and arrange music whenever he has time to do so. His time is mostly spared towards orchestra related hobbies.

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Brian has composed  music that many other groups have played. His expertise is for String Orchestra and Small String Ensembles. Brian’s work has been performed by many symphonies and school orchestras including, our very own, Severna Park Middle School. His compositions have been performed by Collegiate.

brian has been offered many jobs to perform in concerts though, as a soloist or a lead violinist in many symphonies. He has won several concerto competitions and soloed with many other orchestras.Brian has won the Independence Symphony’s Young Artist competition in 1999 and soloed alongside the Independence Symphony. He has won many other awards like the Liberty Symphony’s Young Artist in 2001 and 2003.

he soloed with the symphony both times that he went on stage to do the competitions. In 2004, Brian soloed many different times with the William Jewell Chamber Orchestra. Brian was even offered the chance to perform in the National Festival Orchestra at the Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Some of his that he sold  are the songs The Shepherd and The King, Carol of the Field Mice, and the Cat and The Moon. these songs have been sold on and have been used for many symphonic orchestras.


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