Breaking the Chains of Psycological Slavery Essay

It has been decades since the end of physical slavery.

However, psychological slavery is very prevalent in the society that we live in today. According to this chapter, we as African Americans fail to realize that we limit ourselves in doing a gluttony of activities as a consequence of the psycological chains that we are bound by. During slavery times, slaves viewed the mere fact that freedom meant not doing work, yet still receiving wealth. The whites appeared as if they did no work yet still managed to be wealthy.This is evident in todays society where we have hustlers and pimps who appear to be wealthy yet have other people perform their “dirty” work.

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In addition, individuals who were natural born leaders or rebels of the way life was as a slave were often eliminated from the plantation by being sold or killed. In present time, African American leaders are not supported by people of their own. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X had many against them and opted to settle for the life that the white people wanted them to live.The clown was often a character that an African American played and entertained in order to be seen in the public eye. White people looked forward to watching slave clowns with hopes to be thoroughly entertained by them. African Americans in our society have opted to be entertainers rather than entrepreneaurs. Many of our African American students are only in school with hopes to make it to national leagues for various sports or to Hollywood. Furthermore, present day society has adopted the mindset that white is beautiful as opposed to black is beautiful.

Scientists have come up with bleach that women use in order to lighten their skin. Men opt to marry and bewife a lighter complexion woman as opposed to one with a darker skin tone. Moreover, families in the African American society remain to be broken as a result of the brokenness that was reoccurent during slavery. Families were very rarely kept together as a result of various members being sold to other plantations. This has trickled down into our society because now families abhor staying together and participating in family activities. Liberation from Mental Slavery The process of slavery is ultimately a psycological process by which the mind of a people is gradually brought under the control of their captors and they become imprisoned by the loss of the conciousness(awareness) of themselves”(Akbar, 31).

With the intent to dehumanize African Americans, white people severely beat, brutalize and hurt us. Coming from great queens and kings who have great accomplishments it is quite interesting to see how whites found a way to be able to strip our prides away. The biggest challenge that we now must face as a society together is the way to break the psycological chains.

According to Akbar, this issue should be a means to bring the black society together. In other words, black teachers should teach about it, black singers should sing about it, this revitalization process of the African American mind should be done as a joint effort. We must learn to celebrate ourselves, celebrate our minds, and celebrate everything about the African American culture. The process of mental liberation is far different than many of the ways physical liberation is done.

The power to get this liberation depends on how bad an individuals wants it. We must forcefully take


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