Brave New World The Perfect World Essay

Brave New World: The Perfect World? Essay, Research PaperBrave New World: The Perfect World?Aldous Huxley & # 8217 ; s Brave New World presents a portrayal of a society whichis superficially a perfect universe. At first review, it seems perfect in manyways: it is unworried, job free and depression free. All facets of thepopulation are controlled: figure, societal category, and rational ability areall carefully regulated. Even history is controlled and rewritten to run into thedemands of the party. Stability must be maintained at all costs.In the new universe which Huxley creates, if there is even a intimation of choler,the wonder drug Soma is prescribed to rectify the job.

A co-worker, detectingyour depression, would chime in with the chant, & # 8220 ; one three-dimensional centimeter of haomaremedies ten gloomy. & # 8221 ; This motto is taught to everyone, from the youngest to theoldest. Sadness, rational wonder, dissension, enduring & # 8211 ; none ofthese feelings is allowed in the universe which Huxley creates. At the first markof unhappiness, Soma is prescribed. Emotions of all types are purelycontrolled to supply stableness and predictability within the population.Another of the Panaceas for societal ailments is the belief that everyonewould bask his or her work because he or she was & # 8220 ; made & # 8221 ; or trained for it whenimmature. Consequently, from birth, everyone in Brave New World is slotted tobelong to a specific societal and rational strata. In concurrence with thisthought, all births are wholly planned and monitored.

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There are differentcategories of people with different intelligence and different & # 8220 ; calling plans. & # 8221 ; Thesocietal order was divided into the most extremely educated, the Alpha+ , and so infalling intelligence, the undermentioned divisions: Alpha, Beta, Beta – , Gamma,Delta, and Epsilon, which is the last group comprised of those citizens of thelowest intelligence who are necessary to execute society & # 8217 ; s most humble occupations.Another of the jobs with the society which Huxley depicts is thatthe people do non hold individualism. They are all conditioned by subliminalmessages and unreal stimulations to react the same manner. Although all people aremeant to react identically without thought, a few are made & # 8216 ; amiss & # 8217 ; and,as a consequence, do hold personalities. These people violate the rules ofengineering and unreal personalities and accordingly have to be sent off soas non to & # 8220 ; pollute & # 8221 ; others. To keep order in Brave New World, theResident Controller must hold complete authorization over more than merely thenowadays ; he must besides hold influence over the past. In order to be able toaccomplish this, he must be able to rewrite history.

This gives rise to one of themost celebrated citation from Brave New World, & # 8220 ; All history is bunk. & # 8221 ; The abilityto rewrite or & # 8220 ; edit & # 8221 ; history is non so far distant from our currenttechnological society. A simple shot of the computing machine keyboard can do aplanetary alteration in information disseminated on a web or to 1000s ofelectronic bulletin board endorsers. Bing able to separate the true fromthe false is going progressively hard. Weather New World focuses invariablyon the inquiry of whether engineering requires a forfeit of homoindividualism. In this novel the reader is keenly cognizant of the dangers thathomogeneousness poses to the quality of life.

Peoples may bask life withtechnological progresss, but if they are required to give up singlepersonalities or readings about life, Huxley makes us see that life willbecome meaningless.In comparing to 1984, Brave New World makes the engineering less obviousto the members of the society themselves. The characters in Brave New Worldtake part willingly in their use by the authorities. They merrilytake the wonder drug Soma, & # 8220 ; the admiration drug. & # 8221 ; In contrast, in 1984 the peopleseem to sense they are being controlled by Big Brother, but here the dominationis imposed on them by the authorities.


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