Bora volcano that has been separated into

Bora Bora, is a tropical island situated in the territory of French Polynesia with a population of 9,692(insert reference of this number), in the Pacific Ocean. It is known for being the most beautiful and romantic vacation destination, where couples can find their own paradise for a few days. A dreamland sanctuary surrounded by mountains where visitors can enjoy plenty activities and be allowed to the quiet night life that will put people at ease. The climate is a tropical and it is at the same distance as the Equator. It only has two seasons: winter and summer, from November until March it is the  warm season consisting of humidity and rain. Whereas, the winter season is from April until November with a cool and dry weather that guarantees less rainy season.

Also, the best time to go visit it for some. It is less crowded and it easier to find lodgings. In addition, the prices are low during that time.Also, as some might not know but Bora Bora was born and standing on a volcano that has been separated into two peaks: Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu. Mount Otemanu is one of the tallest mountains with a meter of 727.  Not only that, but without it is surrounding islands like Tapu, Ahuna, Tevairoa, Tane, Mute, Tufari, Tehotu, Pitiaau, Sofitel, Toopua, and Toopuaiti, Bora Bora is no more an Island.

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In it is, beaches you are likely to find a lots of coral reefs with a big lagoon, that you are allowed to explore and scuba dive in. Followed by some other activities such as hiking and parasailing.  Apart from that, it is an Island that also succeeded and survived thanks to its luxurious resorts and hotels ,it is an Island with history.The French Polynesia government has made effort to support the tourism industry in order to stabilise and boost its economy. Tourism has been regarded as an important part of the economy as it is more sustainable and mainly demands an appeal of what is already there: nature, lagoons,reefs and blue waters.

Following is a detailed overview history of Bora Bora Island tourism, the factors that made it successful and the government’s contribution to tourism development.


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