Book Review on the Girl Who Can Fly Essay

Book Review: The Girl Who Could Fly The Girl Who Could Fly is an odd little book, which anyone would enjoy.

Piper McCloud is a girl who flies. When her flying abilities catches attention, mysterious strangers started to show up on her family farm promising her family that they’ve got the perfect school for her. A school where her abilities will be appreciated. Away Piper goes, leaving behind her family and home. The school or institute (initialized as I. N. S. A.

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N. E) is different alright. Everyone Piper meets is unusual from the adults to her fellow classmates.She will go through many different and unusual adventures in that institute and see what is stirring inside it, that she thought would have been perfect. Piper McCloud is the main character, the protagonist of novel, The Girl Who Could Fly. Piper has been described as a beautiful 13 years old girl. She has long nut – brown hair that was fixed into two braids, Bright blue eyes, and a lot of freckles.

Piper lived in Lowland County with her parents but soon she was sent to the I. N. S. A. N. E Institute. Piper is an extremely talkative girl with high curiosity for many things.

Anyone would love Piper by how joyful and hyper she is, yet she understands things very thoroughly. Piper has a very unique ability to fly, which she likes to use. She prefers using her ability for the better of everyone. Piper is the type of person who enjoys giving company to people and talking to them. She also enjoys helping people.

Piper has many goals described in the book, some of her goals include: making a difference in the world whether its big or small, escaping from the institute, and stop the concept of bullying in any way.Close to the ending of the book Piper was changed by the antagonist of the novel, by destroying the ability of Piper’s flying and walking ability. But, one of the character in the novel healed Piper and returned her to her usual self. Conrad is the side-kick of Piper, was the antagonist of the novel, The Girl Who Could Fly. Conrad has been described as a dashing 15 year old young boy. He has dark-brown eyes, black hair, and a small sharp nose. He is stretched very tall and also has a small birth mark on his chin. Conrad has a special ability of being extra-smart.

In the book it was shown that Conrad’s smartness was about five times smarter than Einstein. Conrad is the type of person who is often very frustrated over small things. He is also described as a very restless and anxious person who wants answers to his questions as quick as possible. While doing his calculations or research he would always want silence and calmness around him. Conrad is often interested in finding out answers for questions unanswered. He believes in doing something which would be scientific related and so his goal is to construct a time-travel machine.There are many different things which he dislikes, some of them include: too much noise around him, repeated questions, and when he does not receive what he desires.

He often dislikes people who lie to him or take advantage of him. Dr. Letitia Hellion is the villain, the antagonist of the novel, The Girl Who Could Fly. She has been described as a very beautiful woman at the age of twenty-five. She has black hair, intense golden eyes and her skin colour is very pale. She is a very cold, confining and threatening person. Her face often seems as calm as the ocean but she is often anxious in the inside.Dr.

Hellion has a goal of getting rid of any child’s extra-ordinary ability on Earth. Dr. Hellion often dislikes people arguing with her or disobeying her. She is also angered when people arrive late to certain places and do not abide the rules. She likes people who obey as she says or wants. Betty McCloud is the sixty-five years old mother of Piper McCloud in this novel.

She lives in Lowland County with Piper and her husband Joe McCloud. She has short-dark-brown-hair, light skin tone, and is described as a fat person. Betty often wears farmer clothing with a Christ necklace around her neck.Betty conceived Piper after 15 years of her marriage. She is a very grateful and dignified person who often lives in pleasure with what she has. She is often anxious and overwhelmed about small to major issues.

She often enjoys praying during her spare time. Betty’s goal is often to complete all her work or chores on time. Some of the things Betty dislikes is the saying of the god’s name in vain. Betty would also be ticked if you do not pay attention to her or do not obey certain rules.

Joe McCloud is the father of Piper McCloud. He lives in Lowland County with Piper and Betty.Joe is a fat seventy year old man with black hair, and a lot of freckles on his face. He is red faced with a dimple on his chin. Joe is a very calm and quiet. He is often content and approving of whatever he has in life. Joe often enjoys farming and growing crops. His goal in life is often to give Piper the most happiness she would ever desire for.

He often dislikes people arguing over his decision or questioning his choice or decision. He also dislikes people who gossip about others. Joe often enjoys the company of people just as quiet as him. Many different themes are identified in this book.Some of these themes include: Theme of friendship, the theme of forgiveness and apology, also the theme of intolerance. One of the most important themes in this book was the theme of accepting who you are, and the fact that you should never forget who you are and what you can do. Everyone is unique in their own ways and never try to be like someone else. Piper and rest of the children in this novel reveal this theme because all of them are shown of having a unique ability which differs from the rest of the people.

Also, when Dr. Hellion finally remembered she could fly, she loved it.But, the memories of her died sister, Sarah, came back to her. Dr. Hellion did not accept who she was as a unique person.

Another example was when Piper accepted who she as and told her parents flying was a part of her life, and she loved it. The whole story is based on this one theme, of accepting who you are. In the novel, The Girl Who Could Fly, by: Victoria Forester, Piper states: ” It ain’t matter what other people think of us, what matters is what we are and who we are” (Forester 297).

This quote expressed that theme of accepting who you are. The narrative viewpoint that was used was third person point of view.The narrator did not participate in the action that was going on in the story as one of the characters, but lets us know exactly how the characters feel. We learned about the characters, plot, setting, and theme through this outside voice, to get the point across. There was a flashback during the course of the story when one of the character, Dr.

Hellion, remembered her childhood past when she accidently let, Sarah, die. Coincidently, Dr. Hellion herself died of not accepting who she was as a unique person. Throughout the novel there was a lot of tension built between the protagonists, Piper McCloud, and the antagonist, Conrad Harrington.

These two characters disliked each other. They got into each other’s neck, but piper only saw the good in people and forgave Conrad for any harm he has done to her. Piper is a smart and unique girl who sees through terrible people she seems to believe that someone can be terrible people she seems to believe that someone can be terrible but is not a terrible person. I really enjoy this book, The girl Who Could Fly By Victoria Forester. It taught me a lesson to never judge a person for a terrible mistake they have done that doesn’t mean they are a terrible person.One critism I have about the novel is the naming of the characters. For example Agent. A.

agent, Professor Mumbley, I. N. S. A.

N. E. I was irritated by the cutesy naming of some characters. One thing I would have fixed about the book is add a little romance in the novel. The Girl Who Could Fly is well written and has a fine pace. It is full of joy of childhood and growing up, and a little bite of science fiction. I dearly recommend this book to everyone whether you’re old, young, girl, or boy you will find yourself attached to these characters and see what hardship and heartbreak the go through, throughout the novel.

As Stephenie Meyer quoted in the back of the novel, author of the Twilight saga “It’s the oddest / sweetest mix of little house of the Prairies and X-men. I was smiling the whole time (except for the part where I cried). I gave it my mom, and I’m reading it my kids- it’s absolutely multigenerational. Prepare to have your heart warmed. ” In the ending, the novel was perfect; and it will definitely stick with me.

I give it an overall five star. Due: Sun. 22/01/2012


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