Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary BOOK everything that they want first; after

BOOK everything that they want first; after


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Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25


Richard Paul Evans






When and where does the story take place?

Present day America, Idaho and California.


Describe the social environment.

Michael Vey, is a 15-years-old boy. He has the syndrome of Tourette. On his school he feel suppressed by bullies because he’s also a short boy.


In what way is the setting important to the story?

They oppressed setting that Michael is in. Makes it sure that you start to feel a hate against the antagonist, Dr Hatch.




Describe the main characters.

Dr. Hatch is the biggest antagonist in the book. He kidnaps these special children called ‘Glows’ to the Elgen School; ‘The Elgen Academy.’ and gives them everything that they want first; after some time though, he makes the children feel guilty by letting them do a small thing and starts manipulating them overtime. He is an evil man, he’s also very smart. He attempts to kidnap/kill Michael and his other friends multiple times throughout the entire book.
Michael Vey is the main protagonist of the book. He is fourteen years old. Michael has been diagnosed with the Syndrome of Tourette’s, which makes him blink at times he doesn’t want to blink. It makes him also gulping when he feels stressed. Paired with his small stature, Michael has been bullied for many years. Michael’s special electric powers consist of him being able to shock people, like a taser does. He is also able to cause electrical surges that can demolish electrical equipment. Michael is completely immune to electrical weapons. According to Dr. Hatch, Michael is be the most powerful Glow alive and has pointed out that Michael has accidentally killed his own father.
Taylor is a fifteen-year-old girl who is a very popular girl at Michael’s High school, and as Michael has described her; “the most beautiful girl in the world”. She was adopted when she was very young because her parents died and did not know that she had a twin sister before she med her twin named Tara. Her abilities are mainly attributed to nerve signals inside the brain. These abilities include being able to “reboot” a brain, making them forget what they were doing at that exact moment. She is also able to read people’s minds, only when touching someone
Ostin is Michael’s best friend and everyone thinks that he’s genius The tale is that his mother named him after a city in Texas called Austin but spelled it wrong, which Michael finds funny because Ostin is a genius, but his mother cannot even spell the city that they have lived in.


Are the characters ‘flat’ or ’round’? Explain your answer.

–    flat: types without any real character development

–    round: are described elaborately and they change/develop in the course of the story

Round, someone children changed their side. From Dr. Hatch to Michael’s side. The supervisors of Dr. Hatch start to hate Dr. Hatch.


Which characters in the book did you especially like or dislike? Why? Give examples.

Dr. Hatch I really disliked, because he was mean, manipulated children since when they were born just to change the world.
Michael Vey I liked although I didn’t always agree with his choices. I still really liked him and his friends.




Think of a scene that struck you the most. Describe it and explain why you chose it.

The scene in which Michael was prisoned in cell 25 and he was going through a lot of pain.  His friends with electric powers, helped him go through it by taking away his pain. Via some metal because metal conducts electricity thus the powers go via the metal to Michael.


Which incidents, scenes or other parts made an impression on you? Give reasons for your choice.

The incident in which Michael decided to leave school and drive all the way to California by bribing his former bullies to drive him all the way there. All you do for your mother to save her.




What is the deeper meaning of this novel, its message, theme?

You have to be persevere when it’s about your family or friends. You got to give it all you got to save them.




Give your opinion. What did you learn from the book?

I learned how it’s like to be oppressed by having to keep a secret from everybody. I also learned how to deal with bullies. I also learned how far friendship and love can go.




Write a short summary of the book (minimum of 300 words):

Michael Vey lives in Idaho with his mother and has a very special electrical power; the ability to shock things or persons. Michael’s mother wants him to keep this a secret and Michael has done so except of his best friend, Ostin, who lives next to him. But on one day Michael is being beaten up by three bullies, Jack, Mitchell and Wade. These three caused Michael to be punished a few days ago and he’s very angry when they assault him once again. He shocks them but told his mother that no one will believe Wade, Jack, Mitchell when they would tell their story. However, another student also has seen what had happened – a cheerleader who’s named Taylor. Taylor has similar electric powers and they are soon comparing their notes. They form a special club and invite Ostin. Taylor is adopted. She has started researching her birth with the help of Ostin. They had discover that Michael and her were born in the same hospital within a couple days of each other but that the hospital records had gone missing. They also find out that a medical company named ‘Elgen’ had been testing a new electronic technology at that hospital at the time Michael and Taylor were born. Then Michael and Taylor are invited to attend a special school, the Elgen Academy in California. Taylor and Michael’s mother were kidnapped and Michael believes they are being held in California. He plans to go searching for them and convinces his former bullies to drive him there. Ostin insists on going with them. The Elgen Academy is actually just fake and the inventor of the electronic technology made it up, Dr. C. James Hatch. There are thirteen surviving children with powers the same those of Michael and Taylor. They are called “Glows” because they all give off a weak glow in the dark. Hatch uses these children for blackmailing important people. At the time of Taylor’s arrival, he has just manipulated one of the electric children into crashing two planes, just to make several airlines pay millions of dollars to him for an insurance that it won’t happen again. Some of these children have been with Hatch since they were toddlers. Taylor discovers that she is a twin and that she has a twin sister, Tara, who has lived at Hatch’s almost her entire life. Taylor immediately suspects that Dr. Hatch murdered their parents so that he could gain complete control of Tara. Tara will not consider that as a possibility. Michael in the end freed Taylor, but Hatch leaves the Academy before Michael could get to him. Michael learned that his mother was being held at another of the Elgen compounds and promises to find his mother. Taylor, Wade, Ostin and Jack really want to go with Michael. They are joined by several of the other Glows who have turned their side.




Difficult words in the text (look up in a dictionary and give their meaning)

Affluent: having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value.
Circumvent: surround so as to force to give up.
Inane: devoid of intelligence.
Solipsism: the philosophical theory that the self is all that exists.
Vitriolic: harsh, bitter, or malicious in tone.