Boarding guidelines Essay

INTRODUCTION            This paper will explore the setup of on-boarding activities. It will give a format of a set of these activities to be practiced in the process of on boarding of employees.WHAT IS ON BOARDING?            On boarding defines the different practices used by a company on hiring a new employee that are geared towards getting the new employee oriented, and entrenched. These practices give the employee a chance to get a feel of the job environment as well as giving him a chance to get a touch of the goings on.

These activities are vital both to the company and the employee. It gives the employer an opportunity to give a tour of the company as well as to train the employee so as to ensure the existing standard practices of the company are upheld and maintained.            The employee on the other hand gets a soft landing to make an impression on the fellow employees as well as understand the company’s work ethics,   rules,  history and the goals of the company.  It is of essence to note that the first impression that a company makes on an employee may go along way in determining the performance and the relationship of the employee with the employer and other employees.ESTABLISHED ON BOARDING PRACTICES.

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            There are many varied orientation practices in different companies and organizations.Doris, (2004) lists the following five hallmarks of good employee orientation practices.·         To energize and revitalize the orientation pro gramme.·         To aim at creating a great new impression with new employees.

·         To effectively communicate the company’s values vision and mission.·         To aim at accelerating new employees productivity.·         To aim at starting an employee off in the right track and while there keep delivering constant orientation messages.This work will therefore aim at meeting these benchmarks,  though briefly.THE PROCESS.

            The following on-boarding procedure will be used in our on boarding practice.DAY 1 .            Employee(s) will have a meeting with the top administration namely the Human resource manager, the head of the respective department and the specific supervisor of the employees section of engagement in the company. This is to give the employee a feel of the company organization, rules to be followed and the responsibility of the employee. The meeting will also touch on the expected work ethics communication and participation of the niche of the employee in the administrative structure of the company. the vision mission and goals of the company will also be elucidated employer will also be given a rundown of the workers union activities an broad introduction on the history and vision of the company.DAY 2.            This will be the start of a week long activity.

it will include a series of activities to be carried out and evaluated regularly.  A departmental mentor will be chosen for each new hire this mentor will be selected on the basis of performance and the selection of the mentor will be done by the departmental leadership.The mentor so selected will be expected to discharge several duties.Show the employee the clothing store where to pick the appropriate warehouse clothing.Give the employer a detailed tour of the premises as well as orient the employee to the site  layout and various auxiliary infrastructure.Introduce the employee to the standard health practices and safety practices during such emergencies like fire outbreaks in the warehouse.

Introducing the employee to the data entry system and the logging system for received goods as well as the  released goods to give him an insight into the data management system.Give the employee a brochure containing the constitution of the workers union as well the list of officials and the membership requirements of the union.The mentor will then orient the employee on the expected practices at work and also introduce him to other employees with whom he is supposed to work with in the line of duty.The mentor will also be charged with directing the employee on the different channels of addressing any queries pertaining the responsibilities assigned to him.REVIEWS.

There will be weekly meetings with the supervisor to access the progress of the bonding activity. The review meeting will seek to answer the following questions.·         Is the employee productive in terms of the work allocated to him?.·         Is his/her attendance to work satisfactory?·         Is the company satisfied with the report its receiving on the employee?·         Is the employee satisfied with the conditions he is receiving from the company?The question and answer session will also follow, here the employee will be allowed to ask questions on his experiences in the last week. This will give the management a fell of the success of the pro gramme and the progress made thus fur.

            Essentially getting the employee involved in evaluating his/her own progress, is a very vital element of any on boarding practices. This is because it gives the employee a sense of responsibility in the activities,  the administration of the workplace and the general administration of his welfare.  This will ultimately lead to a well motivated and secure human resource.REFFERENCEDoris, M.

S. (2004). Creative new employee orientation pro gramme. McGraw Hill Professional. Washington.


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