Bo Jackson Essay Research Paper Bo Knows

Bo Jackson Essay, Research PaperBo Knows BoBy Bo Jackson and Dick Schaap1. Fictional charactersName- Bo JacksonDescriptions- Bo Jackson is talented in about any country of athleticss. He s besides one of strongest work forces of all time known. Bo is really generous to childs that have jobs or disablements.

Name- Hugh CulverhouseDescriptions- Hugh Culverhouse is really rich. He owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He s really selfish and lone attentions about himself.

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He besides ends Bo Jackson s college baseball calling.2. ProblemBo has one of the biggest determinations of his life to do. He needs to make up one’s mind what sort of calling he d like to do. He could take either football or baseball.Bo won the Heisman award in football and will be the figure one bill of exchange choice in the NFL. But the job is, Hugh Culverhouse of the Buccaneers wants to outline him. Bo doesn T like Culverhouse at all, so he tries to do Culverhouse trade him.

Culverhouse won t make it.Culverhouse besides messed up Jackson s college baseball calling. He called Bo up for a physical and said it was absolutely legal under the college baseball regulations. But it wasn t legal. Bo ends up being kicked off the baseball squad and ruins his hopes for a top bill of exchange choice.3. SolutionBo wants to make what his favourite athletics is. Not what the people want him to make or what he d do more money at.

So Bo picks baseball. But he doesn T cognize what baseball squad and he knows it will be tough to fall in a squad when he didn t play his senior twelvemonth of baseball.Bo starts to see many baseball nines. He finally visits the universe title-holders ( 1986. ) That squad is the Kansas City Royals. Bo truly enjoys the Royals and would truly wish to fall in them.

The Royals would wish for him to fall in besides. They understand what happened to him his senior twelvemonth of college baseball. The Royals know Bo is still travelDoctor of Optometry and could utilize his aid.

So they sign him on to the squad and do it cognize that Bo is traveling to play baseball.There s still one job. Bo misses football although he likes baseball better. What happens is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers don t think Bo is of all time traveling to play football so they drop him to other squads in the bill of exchange choice. The other squads finally drop him excessively until it gets to the Los Angeles Raiders. The Raiders still believe Bo might wish to play football.

They contact Bo about playing with them and work out a trade. When the baseball season ends Bo is traveling to play football with them.DrumheadBo lived with his female parent and seven other brothers and sisters in a three-room house on a soil route from the outskirts of the town called Raimond, Alabama. Bo had many troubles turning up.

His male parent wasn T married to his female parent and didn Ts live with Bo and his siblings.Bo s mom didn Ts have really much money at all. She worked as a motel-room cleansing agent and worked really hard at the occupation.

She finally made adequate money to purchase a house in town. She was the hardest working individual Bo said he of all time met.Bo started to play athleticss when he was come ining junior high.

The athleticss he chiefly played were football, baseball, and path and field. He was one of the best at all of them. He continued to play these athleticss into college. He quit playing path and field but still played the other two athleticss in college.Bo won the Heisman Award his senior twelvemonth in college and was the 2nd individual to win the Heisman for Auburn. He went on to play baseball with the Kansas City Royals and finally started his football calling with the Los Angeles Raiders.

Bo is said to be by many people the best jock at that place of all time was. In my head he s besides one of the most generous people at that place of all time was and is. He spends a batch of clip with childs that have been abused earlier and he donates a batch of money to charities.


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