Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Bnw Vs 1984 Essay Research Paper 1984

Bnw Vs 1984 Essay Research Paper 1984

Bnw Vs 1984 Essay, Research Paper

1984 Vs. Brave New World

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Imagine a universe in which people are produced in mills, a universe doomed

of all freedom and individualism, a universe where people are exiled or? vanish?

for interrupting the cast. Both 1984 by George Orwell and Aldous Huxley? s

Brave New World are galvanizing word pictures of such a society. Although these

novels are of fictional universes, control of the hereafter may be subtly germinating and

going far worse than Huxley or Orwell could of all time hold imagined. Each

society destroys the freedom of the person through assorted commanding

methods such as the denial of linguistic communication and literature, a caste system and


One manner in which each society controls is by restricting the linguistic communication and

literature of every citizen. In 1984, a linguistic communication called Newspeak is devised in

order to contract all thought into one manner. There are three classs of

Newspeak vocabulary: A, B and C. The A vocabulary consists of words used

in mundane life to show simple ideas. The B vocabulary includes words

meant for political use, coercing a peculiar mental province on the individual utilizing

the vocabulary. Finally, the C vocabulary is based entirely on proficient and

scientific words, constructed of merely rigorous and stiff significances. Individual

idea is wholly impossible because the constricted vocabulary is intended

to include lone rules of the Newspeak linguistic communication. The vocabulary is

constructed so that words of irregular significance such as? single freedom?

are eliminated all together. Newspeak is designed to put out the fire of

idea and thought, while promoting corporate thoughts. Over clip, Newspeak

destroys any fluctuation of thought from the purpose of the? Party? s? . Literature is besides easy altered so that the writer? s original significance is lost to the significance of the Newspeak linguistic communication. Newspeak interlingual renditions seem to devour ideas and memories much like a sponge absorbs H2O.

In the Brave New World, literature and art are taken off in order to

destroy individualism and freedom of idea. For as Mustapha Mond says, ? It

International Relations and Security Network? t merely art that? s incompatible with felicity ; it? s besides scientific discipline. Science is unsafe ; we have to maintain it most carefully chained and muzzled? ( Huxley

231 ) . The Controller has made believing impossible by taking off all scientific discipline,

art and spiritual based books. Literature, such as Shakespeare and the Bible,

that teaches antique morality and beliefs is non-existent in the brave new

universe because people can non understand its text. Consequently, by censoring

literature the people can non see life to the fullest. Its colourss are dulled because the person ne’er has the opportunity to experience the huge spectrum of life. Emotions like choler, sorrow, love, trust and caring do non be. As the Savage explains, he ne’er knew he hated Pope until he felt the emotions through the plants of Shakespeare. Thus, by destructing signifiers of art, all emotions are

destroyed as good. Merely felicity at its simplest province is spared, for blind

felicity is necessary for stableness. As an person, there comes an ability to acknowledge and value what beauty truly is, such as the moving ridges crashing upon a

shore or the artlessness of a kid. But with the denial of literature and

linguistic communication, the person is a mindless member of society.

In each novel, a caste system is developed in hopes of maintaining each

group separate from one another, yet each person likewise. In the book 1984,

there are three different societal categories: the Inner Party-the rich, the Outer

Party-the in-between category, and the Proles-the hapless. Each party plays a portion in an

eternal rhythm of control. The Inner Party controls and is out of touch with the

others. The Outer party resents the Inner party? s high quality, while the Prolesare apparently unmindful to their impoverished topographic point in society. As the categories are detached and busy, the Inner Party is free to make the hereafter by destructing all grounds of the yesteryear. For illustration, if an estimated 10 million places are to be produced that twelvemonth and merely 5 million are really produced, so they destroy all grounds of of all time holding estimated 10 m

illion. They find all newspapers including this information and destruct them. The Ministry of Truth so prints a new estimation in the following newspaper, saying they over-filled their quota. The caste system is a manner of pull stringsing the ideas and actions of each group, therefore restricting the power they possess to recognize their individuality.

In Brave New World, each individual is chemically pre-determined and

born into a certain category. There are several castes get downing with the Alphas,

the highest category, to the Epsilons, the lowest category. Each individual is merged into a certain societal place in which they are conditioned to be content. As immature kids, members of each caste dresses in a distinguishable colour to place themselves with one another. They are besides taught to dislike those who are different by the soft susurrations played into their ears, increasing the spread between the groups. They are all indistinguishable and incapable of asseverating single will and free idea. Intellectual incapablenesss and the preoccupation with work deter them from an original idea procedure.

Conditioning besides eliminates the possibility of individualism in each

society. In 1984, the members are occupied with a occupation by twenty-four hours and? Party?

activities by flushing. They are encouraged to take part in? Party? related

activities at the Community Center amongst like-minded people. This allows

for limited clip to chew over their ideas in purdah. Individuality is besides

controlled through implemented uniformity. Each and every member is invariably

in the presence of a telescreen. The telescreen proctors each members? actions

throughout the twenty-four hours and their slumber throughout the dark. For illustration, ? Smith! ?

yelled a voice from the telescreen. ? 6079 Smith W! Hands out of pockets in

the cells! ? ( 187 ) Even while being held by the Thought Police, Winston is

watched by a telescreen. Each adult male and adult female looks really similar in visual aspect and in frock every bit good. All apparels are described as dull, largely in

sunglassess of grey and black. Using one of the Party? s slogans, ? Freedom is

Slavery? , conditioning is besides administered. This fundamentally states that the

person does non last entirely. Merely as portion of a corporate civilization, the

? Party? , will a individual unrecorded on forever. The slogan, ? Ignorance is Strength? besides limits individuality by distributing ignorance. The Inner Party keeps the Outer Party ignorant by invariably altering the truth, and destructing all informations turn outing otherwise. The Proles are besides kept nescient through contentness, achieved by leting them certain autonomies such as love, household and sexual dealingss. These activities act as an flight for any emotions that must be released. They are non considered a true threat to society because they are incapable of intelligent idea and action.

Citizens of the courageous new universe are conditioned both physically and

chemically prior to? birth? . While developing in the tubing, each babe is assured

the proper physical features and given certain inoculations. Every tubing

babe will develop a liking and an aptitude for the work they will make as grownups.

After birth, hypnopaedia is used to works suggestions that will impart each kid into a certain mentality associated with their castes. They are conditioned to fear being entirely, for isolation creates self-contemplation, which in bend Fosters a sense of individuality. For illustration, this is expressed in a scene where Bernard takes Lenina out on a first day of the month. He suggests they go for a walk and talk, but Lenina finds such an activity distasteful. She alternatively persuades Bernard to take her to the Semi-Demi Finals of the Women? s Heavyweight Wrestling Championships ( Huxley 64 ) . Soma tablets are besides distributed in order to quiet any intimation of rebellion or happening of idea. It is a drug taken to dull the senses of the urgency and desire for action. For as Lenina says, ? Remember one cubic centimetere remedies ten glooming sentiments? ( Huxley 89 ) .

Throughout 1984 and Brave New World, each method of control is

intended to maintain the person from oppugning their individualism. By restricting linguistic communication and literature, making societal categories and conditioning, these societies are able to carry through their end. Yet, every bit long as worlds continue to want to get cognition, this will ne’er be allowed to go on. For it is upon the strengths of the persons that our full society is built.