Blair Witch Project Essay

The Blair Witch project is a film released in on 30th July 1991 about 3 film school students who go in search of the local legend, The Blair Witch. The Blair Witch project can be followed on www. blairwitch.

com. The audience was tripped into thinking that the Blair witch project was real, this was a very affective marketing plan that got the film $248,639,099 at the box office. People were going online to follow the story and to find out more. There were also books written (The Blair Witch Files 1-8), comic books made and a computer game for the audience to get trapped into the story.On the website there is a chronological time line of the mythology of the witch, which gives the audience understanding of the story in much more detail, allowing the story to be conveyed as fact rather than fiction. The design of the website is flawless in keeping the darkness that the film gives, it is very plain, black background with white writing in a creepy font. This lets the audience know that this is a horror without even having to know anything about the movie.

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The first thing that happens when entering the site is a short clip of one of the students, this automatically grabs the audiences attention, giving them a small relationship with the student. I think that the expectations of the audience is met when entering the site, everything about how it is arranged tells me that this is ‘horror’ and is not for anybody that gets nightmares easily. The one thing that I feel the website is missing, is blog posts allowing the audience to give their impressions of the film and the gripping story behind it, I feel this would benefit the relationship between the audience and the story.The Blair Witch Project has used all platforms of interaction; they have used material platforms as well as the Internet having books to be read, along side a twitter where the story can be followed for updates on the story or new discoveries.

Overall the Blair Witch Project has exceeded in being a transmedia legend, as they have successfully created a story that can be followed on numerous platforms. It is one of the best, if not the best representation/example of transmedia and will be until another story challenges all types of platforms for a story to be followed like the creators of the Blair Witch Project have.


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