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Birthday Party over the waters..If you have a loved one who has his birthday to come, you are definitely not lacking on a plan for venue. Yachts are the best spots to celebrate a birthday party on. Plan up a birthday party on a yacht and start a new journey of your life on the peaceful atmosphere above the water. You can throw the most epic yacht birthday party ever and have an experience that will remain unforgettable for the rest of your life. Light those candles on your dinner Planning to surprise your better half in the most romantic way ever? Take them to a have candle light dinner on a yacht which will double your love and let your loved one know how valuable they are for you.

This is the best way to show your love to them and make them feel very special. The ambiance and environment of the yacht will drive your partner crazy for you and make them fall deeper in your love. Wedding AnniversaryCelebrate you wedding anniversary onboard with the partner of your life. Easy Yacht offers some amazing and the most affordable yachting services for couples in love to spend their anniversary in the most romantic way. Hop on a yacht with your spouse and spend a lovely time together! Plan a corporate event onboardSea has to be one of the best destinations to plan up corporate events such as meetings etc. The peaceful environment helps the smooth running of decision making and help people to concentrate. Yachts usually offer an ambiance sought by these business people making it the top pick among them for a meeting set up.

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Not only these but you can plan and celebrate all your events on a yacht and make them a dozen of times more happening and fun filled. To reinforce the party you can plan a theme as well. The most followed themes include the following:Oscar night themed partyThis is going to be an absolute bomb of a party. Plan out a Oscar night themed party. Start with looking for a good super yacht to begin with. The bigger the yacht, the more guests you will be able to invite over and entertain. Decorate the yacht as per the fancy theme and dress up as your favorite star. You can ask the guests too to dress up as famous celebs to glam things up.

End the day with a small awards ceremony and distribute awards to the guests according to their personalities. ‘Back to past’ themed partyThis is one of the most favorite themes of the people and it never goes out-dated. A party with a theme based on 90’s is all about bringing together fun and entertainment to the table. Ask all the people you are intending to invite to dress up as a 90’s person. Decorate the yacht as per the theme and include games as well. 90’s party on a cruising boat has its own rewards. Get all your friends and family members onboard and kick an amazing party!Be well equipped before you lose the ropes of your yacht and then plan to start your adventure!People often overlook the importance of packing up well before leaving for a venture as big as a yacht party and end up with a packing disaster.

It is certainly a thing to worry about if you later realize that you forgot to take an essential or two. There is no way out of a situation like this because you are definitely not going to find THAT essential from anywhere between the sea. It is always very best to pack up well and make sure you take along all that you may require on your journey over the sea. To save yourself from the trouble of making a ‘what to pack’ list, read along and find out some of the most important yet over rated things you must take on your yacht charter.

An easy to carry luggageFor the starters make up your mind about the type of luggage you want to take along that doesn’t take too much space yet carries all your essentials within it. Storage is always an issue onboard. Though some yachts such as The Lotus Yacht and The Majesty Emerald in Dubai are very spacious and can accommodate a large luggage but generally it is advisable to take a soft luggage so that it can be easily be carried, taken and put anywhere. Shield against sun! (A good sunscreen) Nothing can spoil your fun while cruising more than the nasty sunburns that you get due to the exposure to sun. Being in water is excitement and very wonderful but it can totally get ruined when the sun leaves its mark on your skin. The best possible care for your skin against sun burn is to put on a high factor sunscreen that suits your skin.

Just toss on sunscreen in your luggage and be safe.Proper medsThough it is strictly recommendable to the people with mild sea sickness to avoid events that involve going to a boat but we won’t suggest you to be deprived of the fun. Take along the important over-the-counter drugs to fight any sickness that occurs mid-party or mid-fun.All the right AccessoriesMake sure you have all the correct things that which are suitable for a ride on a yacht. Throw in some sandals for a good navigate so that you can balance out your walk on the slippery desks and platforms. Put on some shades to escape the tortures of the scorching sun. Take along a body lotion to dodge the sun planning to give you a bad tan or sun bite on the skin.

Your absolute fun KitTo double the fun and entertainment, always take a fun kit along. If you are a diver, take along your own Snorkel and a mask and dive through the fresh ocean waters to experience the time of your life. It is seriously a deprivation if you go sailing and come back without snorkeling or diving from over the yacht.


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