Biometrics manner theperson who wants to access

Biometrics is a term refers to a measurement of human. It is a technical term refers toa metrics related to the living organism.

It is first time used in computer science foridentification purpose .It is a very advance technology which enhance a technologyrelated to the security purposes. It is also used to identify the individuals in group thatare under consideration2. How it works?It work in a securable manner theperson who wants to access in asystem give the input and thesystem used the data and then bymatching the input data with thestore data if it matched then theperson access in a system if itcannot matched then the systemcan’t recognize it and person fail toaccess it use the first verificationthen the recognition and then giveaccess to the system3. Different security systemsThere are many security systems usedin a daily life. The security systemswhich are used today very efficientlyare following:3.1 Finger Print Security System3.

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2 Voice Recognition System3.3 Retina detection System3.4 Facial recognition System3.5 Palm Scanning System3.1 Finger print security systemThis is the most common used securitysystem in biometrics. In this system,finger prints are recognized by themachine and after feeding them intothe system a data is recorded and thenthe person is asked to use his fingerprint to get access to the system. Thisis the most common used system in theinstitutes. For example Banks,universities hospitals hostels andoffices use this system to mark theattendances of the employees.

3.2 Voice Recognition:In and this system the voices of thepersons are matched and recorded in thesystem and the pitch and frequencies arestored as the primary source forrecognition. When a person tries to accessthe data his voice is required and if thedata is matched the person gets the accessotherwise access is denied by the system.3.3 Retina Detection System:Every human is made differently fromeach other, even the identical twins havetheir own differences.

Which includesfinger prints and retina of the eyes. Retinais one the most secure system in biometricsecurity system which creates a chances of1 in Million. This is fed by the retinarecord of the user and when person tries toaccess data, retina detection comes inplace and it allows the access on the basesof the retina’s specific vein patterns.

3.4 Facial Recognition:In this system the face id of a person isused as a key for the access purpose theperson’s face is scanned in this system andstored in the data if the face id matches theperson is given the access. It stores data inthe form of 2D or 3D data.In additiobn to that, the recently releasediPhone X has the system installed in itwhich uses mechanism of 3D facialrecognition and it scans the persons face inspots so that a 2D or live image cannotbreak through the system.This is considered as the most securemethod by apple provided in the smartphone for security purposes.3.6 Palm Scanning System:This system is familiar to the fingerprint scanning but in addition to inscans the palm and the details foradvanced security formalities. Theinformation is stored in the system andwhen the user accesses the data he hasto privide his palm as well to accessthe system.

If the system recognisesthe person is given the accessotherwise the access is denied.4. Advantages of BiometricSecurity System:4.1 Accurate Identification andAccountabilityBiometric systems provide more accurateidentification, lowering your risk ofunwanted breaches. With this type ofsecurity system, access is granted not bypasswords or smart cards but by biologicalcharacteristics like iris scans orfingerprints which are difficult to duplicateor forge. This more accurate informationhelps with security as well asaccountability.4.

2 EfficientBiometric security systems are designedwith ease of use in mind and give youaccurate results with minimal effort. Withthe right security system provider,installation of a biometric security systemis easy and manageable. Biometricidentification functions very quickly,typically identifying an employee orvisitor in a matter of seconds. This helpskeep productivity steady while alsokeeping your business secure.

4.3 Convenient and VersatileBiometric security systems are veryconvenient for both those using it andthose managing it. For employees andother personnel. It’s also much moreconvenient for those managing the system,as they don’t have to worry about resettingpasswords or changing ID cards or badges.Biometric security systems are also quiteversatile, with a range of biometricscanners available to be used for variousapplications. They can be utilized in arange of security checkpoints such asentrances and exits, doorways to highsecurity areas, and more.4.4 ScalableAs your business develops and grows, it’simportant to have systems in place that canscale with the growth of your business.

Biometric security systems are flexible andeasily scalable. Whether you want tosecure more areas of your facility or justadd more data for additional employees,biometric security systems will growalongside your business for ease andsecurity.4.5 ProfitableThe return on investment (ROI) on abiometric security system is very high.

Forone, it’s much more effective at avoidingfraud than most security systems. It also


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