Bilingual Education in Indonesia Essay

Education quality in Indonesia has been increasing by year. It is because the government was set several regulations to increase education quality such as minimum quantity of passed students, higher minimum qualification value and so on. Some schools which are in towns or cities, the government set them to be National Standard Schools (Sekolah Standar Nasional) even International Standard Schools (Sekolah Standar Internasional). Nowadays, some national or international standard schools are applying bilingual education in their classes especially in superior classes.

It is good because there are many advantages in applying that method in prepare student to face up the future. The three of advantages are about the efficiently, the skill that are caused by bilingual education, and the cultural awareness. Firstly, the students learn English faster and more efficient, because they are using English every day. Students in a class that use bilingual education as their method in learning program, are using Bahasa Indonesia as their native and English as their second language in every courses such as mathematics, physics, biology, economics, arts and so on.So they also learn English beside their main course. It is better than only give the students a regular English course. Secondly, in schools that applying bilingual education as the teaching method, students are prepared to survive in globalization era. English skill become important now because of globalization that compulsory the young generation to compete harder to gain best career, so, learning English as soon as possible is a good way to face up globalization.

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As people know, English is used around the world as main language or global language. Most of jobs also require English as second language.Thirdly, by using bilingual method in teaching program, students are automatically learned about the culture that include in the language which use as the second language. When the students use English, they also learn American or British culture which is different from their native. For example, in America, it is okay to call elder only by name, that different with our culture, Indonesian culture, it is impolite.

By know the second language culture, students can compare with their native culture, and choose which is better and get the culture awareness. Bilingual education actually offers more


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