Big Fat Gypsy Weddings Essay

This insightful and honest documentary about gypsy culture has got tongues wagging.

Everyone has an opinion, some laugh and jeer behind closed doors but how much has this culture influenced us? Weddings have become a costly and competitive venture; everyone is trying to outdo each other having bigger and better than the last. The huge dresses compare directly to the theme of the more expensive the better?! The ‘grabbing’ is just like the end of a night out in Belfast or London.The idea of the Gypsy’s not earning a living or paying their way, is parallel to the DLA or benefits culture that is crippling our government. The average wedding these days’ costs about ?24,000 an expense young couples readily take on, but an expense they could be doing without as they embark on married life. The Gypsy’s seem to be able to have endless budgets to pay for the huge cakes, stretched limos, helicopters and the like and by doing so they inevertedly raise the bar for everyone else.The ‘grabbing’ phenomena – just like the end of a drink fuelled night out, only the Gypsy girls seem to have more respect for themselves than many others I know. Woman like to believe they have evolved into the equal the species, but how many women do you know who could or would hud 300 block around a building site? Or even cut the grass at the weekend? Gypsy females seem to have a belief that they are secondary to the males and have accepted their place in society, most Gypsy girls drop out of school at age11. This may seem like going back to the dark ages, but it is also not crediting the other talents these girls pick up.

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This seems to works as well as any other dynamic. There is a lot of stigma around the honesty of the gypsys but we don’t have to look too far to find someone who can equal any criminal behaviour. Benefit fraud is costing the government billions of tax payers’ money and there is a belief that it is a victimless crime, it is this short sightedness that costs us all more in the long run.The Gypsys are less subtle in their approach to crime and better still they readily admit their intentions. There is just something admirable about this level of honesty! The evidence suggests we have been greatly influence by our travelling neighbours much more than we care to admit.

Scratch the surface and we are not different at all!!! Woman like a man to take charge and the Gypsys have this area sussed – women cook clean and look after the children! While the men and boys earn the money. Keep it simple stupid!!!


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