Beowulf Essay Research Paper In the poem

Beowulf Essay, Research PaperIn the verse form Beowulf there are many characters that play of import functions. There are many characters that help Beowulf through his problems and conflicts.

One of the most loyal and important of these characters is Wiglaf.Beowulf returned to his land to go male monarch after he helped Hrothgar licking Grendel. He had many thanes that protected him and fought with him. The occupation of his thanes was to back up the male monarch in conflict, esteem the male monarch, give king all the recognition, ne’er leave the conflict while the male monarch is still contending, guard the Mead hall, face decease for the male monarch, and assorted other responsibilities.

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In Beowulf & # 8217 ; s last battle merely one of them proved to be worthy of Beowulf.Wiglaf was the one worthy thane. He was the boy of Weohstan, a prince of the Scylfings, and Aelfhere & # 8217 ; s kinsman. He was of good blood. He came from an of import and honored household.When Beowulf went to support his people from the fire-dragon his thanes were tested. They proved to their leader and the remainder of their state that they were non loyal thanes. When the battle got to tough they fled to the forests to salvage their ain lives without believing of their male monarch.

Wiglaf was the lone one to remain by his side. Wiglaf fulfilled his responsibilities and was true to his male monarch.Without Wiglaf the fire-dragon would hold defeated the old, enduring male monarch and destroyed all the people. He gives Beowulf assurance and physical aid. After the firedrake work stoppages Beowulf he becomes powerless and can no longer contend. Wiglaf steps up bravely and slays the firedrake.

After the firedrake is killed Beowulf portions his last minutes of His life with Wiglaf. The male monarch is really thankful. Having no boy, Beowulf leaves his kingdom and most of import ownerships to Wiglaf with the assurance that everything will be taken attention of. In add-on to giving him his kingdom he asks Wiglaf of one favour. Beowulf fought his last battle for a unpointed hoarded wealth that was ne’er truly needed. The last thing that Beowulf asks for is to hold the hoarded wealth buried with him in a topographic point where he will ever be seen and everyone will cognize that a great male monarch is resting at that place. As a loyal thane and trusted friend Wiglaf does as Beowulf says.Wiglaf returns to his companions and scorns them for their failing.

Each of them is branded with shame and looked down upon for go forthing their male monarch to decease in his clip of demand. Wiglaf steps up to his place as male monarch and defends the male monarch that had taken attention of him and the other work forces with such self-respect and pride.Without Wiglaf the thanes would hold fled before the conflict even began. The firedrake would hold defeated the male monarch and semen after the remainder of the community to acquire retaliation for his stolen hoarded wealth.

There would be no sense of trueness to the male monarch and society would neglect. The people would bury what their duties were and the male monarchs function would be wholly different. They would lose all heroic morality, which is to support and honour your male monarch, give him all he needs and construct him up to a great adult male. Without Wiglaf their society would crumple and melt off.Wiglaf is a really of import character because of his gallantry and trueness. He risks his life, as all thanes should make, to salvage his darling male monarch, Beowulf.

He is a true illustration of an honest warrior.


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