Benefits from becoming more innovative and creative Essay

                            Benefits from becoming more innovative and creativeBy integrating the technological advancement with the information system, the company can improve its relationship with its existing customers, and at the same time it will be helpful in reaching out to new customers.

By designing a new sales information system the company can understand the customers’ needs in a better way (CRM Definition). While adopting creative measures the company can have an analytical study of the available information pertaining to its past performances. The company is aiming at the sustained growth on the basis of effective utilization of financial and human capital.                Effective use of resources, including human resources will enhance the efficiency of the company’s entire business. Innovative ideas and creativity will provide the organization with a healthy environment for promoting the mission of the organization with the support of a strong infrastructure based on the advanced information technology.                 By becoming more innovative and creative, Riordan can reap profit in its business by exploring all the available opportunities for its products in the global market.

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  As the company is operating in several parts of the world, a good technological networking support to the well developed infrastructure of the company will provide a boost to the business (Riordan manufacturing).               Creativity will enhance the adaptability to change and thereby making the skilled employees of the company to take part in the expansion process actively and constructively. More innovative measures in the fields of customer care through the strengthening of the relationship with the existing customers will ensure the sustainability of company’s business. Apart from this, the Riordan can attract more new customers by making use of the professionalism and communication skills of the members of its business team. In these processes, the creativity and innovative ideas can be of immense help to the company in providing satisfactory products and services to its customers. Therefore it can be concluded that Riordan, with its strong base of enriched human resources and well developed infrastructure, can further advance its profitable business through innovative ideas and creativity, by expanding its strong and healthy customer base.Reference:1.

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