Being Part of STC Essay

Being Part of STC            First established in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is a communication services provider of fixed phone services. In addition to the high-quality internet service that the company also entails, they also have mobile and data transmission, for individuals in their homes or businesses. Under the name of this company, there are four major sectors, which are the residential, individual, business and operators.            According to their company website, they mentioned that they are determined to stay in the competitive arena, as they promote and serve their client with the customer centric perspective of doing business in forms of teams. Their mission is to provide quality communication avenues for their stakeholders for the greater development of their nation. They have aimed to provide the best value for these stakeholders.

Furthermore, they wanted to be the flagship of Saudi Arabia in leading their company to progress.            The website Alacra Store also gave an overview of the different services STC provides. Their primary products, as a telecommunication company is to offer services for mobile and land line phones, as well as internet services. Moreover, their services also include fax, WAP, as well as Jawalnet. Roaming is also part of the services they offer their subscribers.            This was also verified by the website Zaywa.

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But they also added that they have invested in other companies who are involved in satellite communication, as well as television broadcasting. The are still expanding from e-commerce services.            Since the founding of the company in the year 1998, we have been part of their team. They operated based on the established private sectors, when they have adopted a program of transformation and restructuring management through mass allocation.            We also encountered cooperative training for most classes, in pursuit of completing them. It was found that these can be most beneficial for internships, where one is able to apply what he or she has learned. We learned about career behaviors and very important communication skills, as well as developing ourselves as individuals.            The training we received also taught us the important processes one should know as part of the company.

We were also taught how to break barriers of fear when dealing with the staff. Their mode of communication is also polished for everyone to assure a certain degree of progress for the company. High competition against similar organizations can be most challenging, and would require a stable internal administration.            For three months, 8 hours a day, our tasks in the IT Department include maintenance of devices, formatting computers, and leading program downloads. The primary purpose of our department is to have all the software and hardware installed well for the efficiency of all the affected offices.

Most of the things I learned and excelled in within the company was through self study.            On the other hand, there is also the Support Department, who are in charge of the communication through the network. Furthermore, they are part of the maintenance of the other departments by distributing printers and inks. They also have partial contribution to the downloading of programs.Meanwhile, the Email Department is in charge of the problems and other concerns regarding the emails. Through a User, they are given the power over the network through internet access and passwords.

When problems arise, there is an officer who can reactivate the system through cable networking.            Networking, in STC, is a center that creates and repairs network failures. They have to operated for 24 hours for total maintenance. At the end of every day, a back up is permanently produced for future needs.

Simultaneously, Maintenance is in charge of all the electronic devices, including parts and equipment.            Through my stay with the company, I learned more things everyday. The diversity of these experiences has become my teacher, and the other people who worked there as my classmates. My exposure to the company has taught me many things, including the information I get from other departments. My stay with the company has been truly worthy, and it has taken part in my growth as a person.Works Cited“Company Snapshot: Saudi Telecom Company.” The Alacra Store.

2008. 19 May 2008             <http://www.alacrastore.

com/company-snapshot/Saudi_Telecom_Company-2561958>.“Saudi Telecom.” Zaywa. 2008. 19 May 2008         <http://www.>.Saudi Telecom. 2008. 19 May 2008 [].


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