Being nature which unreasonably interferes with the

                 Being sexually harassed is not correct inany way whether you are a female or male. The U.S. Equal Opportunity EmploymentCommission defines workplace sexual harassment as conduct of a sexual naturewhich unreasonably interferes with the performance of a person’s job or createsan intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment. Sexual harassment canrange from persistent offensive sexual jokes to inappropriate touching toposting offensive material.

Sexual harassment at work is a serious problem andcan happen to both women and men. Nobody should force anyone do anything theydon’t want to do. Under the Supreme Court’s Vance decision, workers who’vesuffered from sexual harassment at the hands of lower-level supervisors arelikely to have their cases thrown out of court.

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That means their employersdon’t have an incentive to stop their workers from harassing others to preventharassment from happening in the first place. No case of being sexuallyharassment should be thrown out because it can be occurred again until someonestops it and stands up for all the victims.  That’s why federal law must includestrong protections for workers are advocating for Congress to pass the FairEmployment Protection Act, a bill that would undo the Supreme Court’s damagefrom this case and hold employers accountable when supervisors harass theirworkers. Being sexually harassed can be in different ways that isn’t correctwhether its verbal or written, physical, nonverbal, visual.  If you are fired, refused a promotion,demoted, given a poor performance evaluation, reassigned to a less desirableposition, shift, or location, or there is another concrete negative employmentaction taken against you because you reject a sexual advance or other conductbased on your sex. You have to fight for your own will and good so this won’tbe continued .  But even if your employer does nottake some action that changes the status of your employment or directly resultsin you losing money (which presumably would happen if you lost your job, weredemoted, or had your hours cut), you may still have a claim for unlawful sexualharassment if the conduct unreasonably interferes with your work performance orcreates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.

 For example, it may be illegalsexual harassment if repeated sexual comments make you so uncomfortable at workthat your performance suffers or if you decline professional opportunitiesbecause it will put you in contact with the harasser. Keep in mind that to create a”hostile work environment,” the conduct must not only make you personally feelintimidated or offended at work, but also be the type of behavior that wouldmake a reasonable person of your sex, facing similar circumstances, feel thatway. 


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