Being function without it. Respect is our

Being respectful is reallyimportant to function a society effectively. The world can’t function withoutit. Respect is our inner Beauty that makes usbeautiful from heart. Being respectful to othersis seen as the sign of nice person.

 Being respected shows our manners. Respect is not only shownin conversations, but we can show respect bydoing good work, behaving properly, controlling anger in public, loving who aresmaller than us, being nice to adults, understanding things without anyone needto say to, maintaining reputation of our family, understanding our duties,etc. Respect is everywhere and every second. We all respect to ourselves and toothers who is important for us, sometimes from heart, sometimes as a formality.We respect our parents and family from heart. We don’t hurt them. So, I thinkwhere is love, there is respect. There are problems in a family, but that canbe solved with patience and respect.

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Conflict with parents about the decisionof life of their child is very commonly seen in teenagers. They always think we are right and have correctdecisions, but sometimes they are passionate. Parents always want happiness fortheir children, cannot make any wrong decision that can ruin their children’slives. Sometimes their experiences make them against us and our decisions, butthat all are for our goodness. They can bear out hatefulness, but never takeany decision for our bad.Sometimes we respectothers for our selfishness, because we know that we will get, what we give. Werespect others “To to be respected.

To be taken seriously. Tofeel relevant. To be considered worthy. To be noticed. Not to be treated withcontempt” (“TheNeed for Respect.

“). We respect others and be nice to people for ownbenefits, even though we hate a person. We are pressured to show respectotherwise they have power to ruin our future and standard in society. For example,being rude and arguing with boss at job may result in losing a job or if you are a boss, being nice to employees and colleaguesmight affect the quality of their work and their view towards you as good person.Some problemscan be solved easily with respect. Being rude to each other might make an issuebigger than it is. Although, I’m not saying that weshouldn’t raise over voice against wrong and share our views against anyone, weshould do.

We should fight for truth and good of people. We should go againstpeople we love, powerful people, elderly people if we are going for good. Sometimeswe have to sacrifice things for truth. However, we can disagree withpeople respectfully and in mannerly way by listening to their thoughts andtrying to understand their views without just arguing. We wanted tobe respected by others. It hurts when someone says something rudely anddisrespectfully.

There is when our manners come in and a person’s true naturecan be identified. We should be clam, control our feelings, think wisely, andbehave properly at that point because feeling of embarrassment makes us to dosomething weird in public, sometimes emotions are the reason. Some people understand thatbeing respectful is a sign of incapability to do any work and they allow thepoints to which they disagree with to proceed. They don’t understand a small differencebetween kindness and respect.

So, they don’t realize how to behave and talk toeach other. They behave disrespectfully without any reason and don’t admit thatothers are hurt.The United States of America is a developed and diversified countryand it is becoming a “minority majority nation.

” Minorities and immigrants arealso the part of economy and they also fulfil their duty for the betterment ofour nation (Samovaret al. 4-5). So, we should also behave respectfully to them as they are alsohumans and want to be respected and treat them equally as others. I can’t imagine a society without respect. Society can’t functionproperly if there is not respect.

Not any relationship will be stable includingbetween a boss and employees, between coworkers and peers, between parents and children,between relatives, between people and government, etc. The society will bedisorganized and hard to control. People respect others for whatever reason,but we can’t deny the importance of respect for progress of a society.   


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