Being a Teen Mom Essay

Being a Teen Mom So I got pregnant at the end of my sophomore year. In fact, I got pregnant two weeks after I lost my virginity. How lucky was I, huh? From the beginning I lost most of my friends. I was called many names, slut, hoe, stupid, and irresponsible. And of course I had to walk around with a baby bump for nine months! From time to time people ask me how I dealt with it. My answer is proving them wrong. Today’s society seems to think that you just threw your life away.

I started educating myself everything I could learn about pregnancy and labor and babies. I had a completely natural child birth and breastfed my son. I don’t know about you, but that to me is not something that an immature, slutty, little kid would do. Since then, I have raised my baby all on my own, without any help from the father. Now, I am proud of the mother I have become. I’m in college doing my thing, getting an education, something that people thought I wouldn’t do because I became a parent at such a young age.Honestly, I think I’m a great mom, and I know my son is crazy about me. I definitely don’t want to promote teen pregnancy; it’s not easy, believe me sometimes I felt like running away.

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But I truly believe that having my son Ismael, who is now two and a half years old, has made me into a better person. And I’d like the world to know that teenage moms can be every bit as caring, loving, and perfect or imperfect as any other mother. We’re parents too, and we’re just like any other parent—only a little bit younger and with a little bit more to learn.


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