Before the term recruit, it brings me

Before conducting research on HumanResource Management, I was unaware of the multiple positions that one canattain in that field. I wasn’t too sure what direction was appropriate to go inonce graduating, but after conducting research I came across various positionsthat I could possibly look into as a potential career.

The careers I cameacross are recruiter, HR specialist, talent acquisition manager, and a trainingspecialist.             When Ithink of the term recruit, it brings me to sports. Since I am an athlete I knowhow the process of being recruited goes. But there is a completely differentsense of the word. In terms of human resource, recruitment comes in differentforms: HR Generalist, Hiring Specialist, and Talent Coordination to name a few.The duties vary from a particular field that you’re in, but the basic dutiesremain the same throughout. A human resources recruiter will source candidatesand develop their own business network, as well as designing and implementingrecruiting plans for the company. An HR recruiter might also work withuniversities for college recruitment efforts, as well as handle theadministration and recordkeeping of their recruiting plans.

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AHuman resources specialist’s job is to recruit, screen, interview, and placeworkers. They are the ones that handle other human resources work, such as onessimilar to compensation and benefits, employee relations, and training. Humanresources specialists work in offices. Some, particularly recruitmentspecialists, travel wide and far to attend job fairs, visit college campuses,and meet with prospects.

When a position with the organization needs to befilled, that’s when the work of human resources specialists begins. These HRspecialists may do everything from creating and placing job posts, to visitingjob fairs to find the right candidate. Once a pool of potential candidates hasbeen selected, HR specialists sort through them, schedule and conductinterviews. Thenext HR position is a talent acquisition manager. Up to 85% of talentacquisition managers earn up to 115,000 a year.

The role of a talentacquisition manager is to handle the process of location and to hire potentialtalent to expand your company’s workforce. I feel like this could be a job I wouldlook into because I like creating events and I’m very good at convincing peopleto join something I created. Talent acquisition managers are known for representingthe lead of talent into an organization. This job takes on a lot ofresponsibilities like organizing career fairs or other events and performingdifferent strategies and hiring plans to get people’s attention. To be a partof this job you must be an excellent communicator and a person who is unwillingnessto understand duties and comprehend different roles. Thelast position I found interesting is the position of a training specialist.

People in this position are responsible for offering training in a job-specificarea.  They focus on teaching specificareas of knowledge needed for certain positions. Some duties includeidentifying and assessing training needs within a company, meet with managersand supervisors to assert needs, conduct surveys, and train employees forspecific jobs.

Training specialist develop, organize, conduct and evaluatetraining programs. This involves creating new teaching materials and skillssuch as computer applications, phone systems, product assembly, policies andprocedures, and planning. For educational purposes, having a Bachelor degree isthe least educational requirement you would need to be in this profession.

Thereare plenty of Universities and other colleges that don’t provide Bachelordegree’s for human resources, until the graduate level.Also,the training specialist creates learning literature and then holdspresentations on learning material. With the development of programs that groomlower-level employees for executive positions, its end results are employeeswho are knowledgeable and problem-solving.Thereis also an evaluation for training effectiveness, usually after 90 days. If theprogram needs modification, the training specialist will make the necessarychanges.

            In conclusion, out of the fourpositions discussed, I would say the most appealing position would berecruitment. I think it would be a really rewarding job to find talent, and putthat talent into a position a place it will excel in. Although I pickedrecruitment as my primary choice, I would like to stress the importance oftraining.

It is crucial that in whatever job someone gets, they must thoroughlybe trained in their position duties         


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