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Before As Writing 100 courses I locked a lot as writer, this class As a bio major, it was a requirement that i take the class. But personally an interest of mine, the subject. I thought that I would be fully prepared for this course after my Ap language art my junior year and Ap literature my senior year in high school. In retrospect, after attending class for about five months, I certainly did not expect to learn an entirely new process of writing.

Ap lit and language did not  go over revisions or reflections, nor did we practice fundamental writing skills such as clear argument formulation, the collaboration the art of summarizing. I believe that my academic papers in high school would have benefited greatly from implementing these skills. After acquiring and working to master these writing techniques through our multiple essays, I feel that I improved tremendously as a writer. I believe that I have improved in my writing of main claim statements.

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In the first essay, my main claim was ambiguous and seemed to be embedded in strange locations of the paper. Additionally, it seemed as if I had multiple main claims, which could be confusing to my readers. Well writing my literacy narrative I considered my audience, who you can say were my classmates, and the professor, by making sure that my essay was An essay that explains my ideas by defining, explaining, informing, or elaborating on points to allow the reader to clearly understand and relate to my story by putting themselves in my position. I really enjoyed the course reading from week 5, not just because they were written by great writers but also because I could relate to these essays. From my understanding the essays generated about the golden rule and rights.

It mostly has to too with the fact that I too strongly advocated for the points that were made. For example, women’s rights, not labeling people base of their looks of skin color, the end to racism. Since my essay was about African American women and the stereotype associated with them I thought Albert’s piece on labels was best fit to plead my argument. I just like how he tells, no teaches his readers the harms of labels which can lead to stereotypes. I feel that this was my strongest essay.

In retrospect, I believe that my second, third and forth essays are among the strongest of my work this semester. These three essays, in my opinion, best encapsulate my strengths as a writer. The main claims in each essay are easy to locate.

Specifically, my second essay demonstrates my newly acquired skill of inserting convincing did just learned how to write but also how to collaborate through our Ad presentation.


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