Becoming 68% FRC: 90% Political background of

Becoming an Informed VoterMy Congressional Delegation is from West Virginia, which has 3 congressional districts each represented by a member of the United States House of RepresentativesThe first general assembly delegation from the Mountain State was seated in the middle of the civil war once the thirty eighth Congress convened in 1863. Peter Van Winkle and Waitman T.

Willey was chosen by the electoral by the Mountain State law-makers to be the primary U.S. senators. The first district Jacob B. Anthony Charles Lynton Blair was chosen to represent that district. The second district was given to William G. Brown and the third district was represented by Kellian V.

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Whaley. The three of them won the popular vote which sealed the win and became the first 3 representativesSince then about 33 men have served as United States Senators. In 2014, West Virginia had elected never a woman senator which was a terrific accomplishment and a great opportunity for women to move up and be included in this process. In 1912 the passage of the seventeenth amendment which was a modification to the U.

S. Constitution said that senators must be elective by the vote of the people, the popular vote. In 1916, Howard Sutherland of West Virginia would become the first senator elected in by popular vote.                                                              The Districts and it’s RepresentativesToday, David McKinley a Republican represents West Virginia’s congressional district number one (1). He has the following ratings based on results from the interest groups                                    District 1:  Davidmckinley.jpg David McKinley (R-Wheeling)  Republican      Ratings: ACL: 5%ACU: 68%FRC: 90%                     Political background of the Mountain state, West Virginia                      At the state level, West Virginia’s politics were chiefly dominated by the party from the Depression through the 2000s.

This was a gift of West Virginia’s durable tradition of union membership. Since 2000, state elections became additional competitive at each level of state and federal. Betsy Woodruff, and editor from the Daily Beast article titled “Goodbye West Virginia”, (October 2014), writes the mountain state was faithfully into metal until around 2000. Then the state’s economy turned towards Coal. This dominated West Virginia’s entire economy and even unions began to push it as their focus. Woodruff(October,2014), explains that in the year 2000, West Virginia’s state’s politics endured some tectonic changes. West Virginians even though their economic views were more liberal they were socially more conservative like with abortion. When abortion started to become the focus on the social front it became a great stepping stone for Republicans since this was an important issue with them as well as the citizens of West Virginia.

So, the year 2000 became a purple state for West Virginia which caught Democratic Al Gore shocked and unprepared. Gore’s team neglected warnings that they required to fight to win the WVFor Democrats, it wasn’t pretty, it was the beginning of a spiral down turn. WV has voted for the Republican political leader in each succeeding presidential election.Republicans conjointly maintain robust positions within the state general assembly, whereas Democrats hold most native and state offices.

West Virginia conjointly encompasses a terribly robust tradition of union membership.History of West Virginia Senator- Joe Manchin III On Nov fifteen, 2010, U.S.

legislator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) was sworn into the U.

S. Senate he was elected to fill the seat from C. Byrd who past way. Manchin was born and raised in the little coal mining city of Farmington, W.

Va., He began his tenure as West Virginia’s thirty fourth governor in Gregorian calendar month 2005. Manchin became the main reason West Virginia was talked about nationwide for its strength and, results driven business management. Manchin, was successful in in tax relief for West Virginia’s voters and their businessesManchin created the state’s workers’ compensation system, established the primary comprehensive teacher pay package in additional than fifteen years and dramatically shriveled the state’s debt. In six years, over $13 billion in business investments were created, and West Virginia was typically cited nationwide for its robust business management.Job creation has been a major priority of legislator Manchin. On government he feels it should act as a partner not a disrupter in our struggle as a country to create more jobs. He believes we tend to should realize commonsensical ways in which to chop disbursal whereas keeping our guarantees to our seniors and veterans by protective social insurance and health care.

According to Politico Magazine (2017) Even though Manchin tends to work with his republican counterparts he normally votes Democratic. Senator Manchin is committed to creating a balanced national energy program set up that utilizes all our resources and acknowledges that fossil fuels are a significant a part of our energy combine for many years to come back. He believes that a balanced, commonsensical approach that considers the requirements of the environment and the demands of our economy, will and should be developed if we tend to area unit to realize energy independence at intervals this generation.

    Ratings:ACL:41% ACU:17% ADA:70% FRC:29%                                                                                                                                  SummaryWest Virginia has come a long way and shows that they can be partisan and works hard to keep jobs going. The state turned from Blue to Red based on their conservative social beliefs but has many Democratic congressman and some Democratic views. It appears when it comes to strong social beliefs conservatism will always be at the forefront for West Virginians and is probably a good reason their support of President Trump keeps growing. Coal was huge in WV and now it has been brought back by the President which has created many new jobs for their citizens. I would consider Senator Joe Machin as a very moderate Democrat willing to work with both sides of the aisle when it comes to West Virginia’s conservative views on social issues.

I have only lived her for 3 years and have come to understand the state and recognize it has grown tremendously and the past feelings I had about this state has changed. Its diverse, lots of mixed couples and very conservative.


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