Based increases. Specifically, she estimates the probability

Based on the Risk Management case study, Van Allen ConstructionCompany considered the following points:The management consultant on the Van Allen project has discovered the labor contract is ineffect until the start of week 14, that is, the strike would occur only at the start of week 14.

If atall, would this change your decisions?YesIf so, how?My decision would be influenced mostly by the need to keep the team intactwhile still observing that work progresses at the expected quality and quantitylevels through facilitating worker autonomy in the sense that they would feelmore in control of the current project. The workers would need to feel that theyare respected and offered reasonable wages for their input.The project manager at Van Allen Company now thinks that the likelihood of a strikeincreases as the duration of the project increases. Specifically, she estimates the probability ofa strike to be as follows:Probability=END(END/4) where END is the project duration.

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Would this assumptionchange her preventative plans?YesIf so, how?If project duration is directly proportional to the likelihood of a strike, themanager would most likely look for a preventative alternative to thwart suchlikelihood, such as by compressing the project schedule, through use oftechniques such as fast-tracking (performing tasks in parallel rather than inseries) and crashing (restructuring your project schedule to shorten deliverytime). Otherwise, from the start, she should create an efficient, realistic andeffectively short project schedule.To get the demolition project completed as quickly as possible, the state of Louisiana isconsidering adding an incentive clause to Van Allen’s contract. The incentive clause wouldreward the company with a bonus of $5.

0 (hundreds) for each week that the project iscompleted before week 18. What would you now recommend to Van Allen?I would recommend that Van Allen go on board with the clause.Why?This way, the company would ensure that they do their best and utmost tomanage and keep in check factors that affect labor productivity, project durationand the project’s overall cost. Since the clause bears reasonable terms and anequally reasonable incentive package, it will result in improved teamperformance, on time delivery or completion and controlled costs within theproject.2. Quality Management Assessment ExerciseQuality management is the process required to ensure that the project will satisfy the needsfor which it was undertaken, and in today’s competitive market, companies compete on price,quality and customer services.

As a project manager of a production line producing DVD’s,you are responsible for developing quality management plan that should consider thefollowing:? Quality costs? Quality circles? Quality audits? Quality control plan? TQM


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