Backpacking or Staying in Hotel Essay

Traveling is one of the favorite hobbies almost all people have. There are several ways for traveling around the world, and they all include some good things and some bad things. Backpacking and staying in hotels are two of the most common ways of traveling, that why they are used by most people. The major differences that could be discussed between these two ways of traveling are the costs, the safety of the staying, and the availability of plans.Backpacking has been used by teenagers for a long time, and it has become really famous among young people who don’t have a lot of money for traveling. By backpacking people could save a lot of money and travel with less money than what they would need for paying a hotel.

As the travelers will need to sleep in a hostel, there will always be the issue of insecurity, as any kind of people could enter and sleep in a hostel. Hostels are not always available as there are a lot of people who use them, so change of plans will always be a possibility in this way of traveling.People who rely on backpacking for their trips should always have a backup plan. Hotels are one of the most comfortable ways of traveling, but only if you have enough money. This way of traveling is mostly used by families and people who are wealthy enough to pay for good hotels. By staying at a hotel people will spend more money than they would spend in a hostel; of course a hotel will provide a high level of security to the traveler.

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To stay at most hotels, you need reservations, and once you have them you can rely on a place to sleep every night. In this way of traveling no backup plan is needed. The two possibilities discussed above are really good; everything depends on the economic possibilities of every person. Personally I recommend staying at hotels even if they do not have an excellent quality because the services you get in exchange for your money could be the difference between having a good trip or a perfect mess.


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