Back Then and Today Essay

My parents were born in the early 1970’s and things have drastictly changed. In my opinion, some things have changed for the better and some have changed for the worst. Some of these things range from technology, style and health. Technology today is more advanced then it has ever been.

The different types am electronical devices that my generation has varies from smart phones to 3D television and paper thing laptops. Its very un common for a teenager to not have one of these iteams. My parents weren’t lucky enough to have electronic devices because they were so expensive.The popular electronic devices that were really in in the 70’s, are not worth much. Their high tech things consisted of bulky black and white tv’s to type writers. Technology will keep on improveing with the years to come. Fashion today seems to be the total opposite of the 70’s. The young men of my generation wear really lose fitted clothing and are really into the “sagging” trend.

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Sagging is when the males wear their pants really low and often times expose their underwear. Girls from both generations wear fitted clothes, but the colors and patterns are not as eye catching.The girls from the 70’s were really into wearing their shorts and or jeans really high wasted. A complete opposite of what the young men of my generation do. Sadly, America is ranked the #1 most obese country in the world.

I think a lot of that has to do with all of our electronics. People are not as active as they were in the 70’s. Not only does my generation not exercise properly, but we eat the worst possible kind of food. We want food and we want it fast. An easy option for my generation is to go to a fast food place for example McDonalds. The people of the 70’s were much healthier and did more activity.

I think sports back then was a great pass time and electronics weren’t so much of a big hit yet. Not only did they get more exercise is but they also ate better. In conclusion, two generations will never remain the same. Technology will keep advanceing with the years to come. The do’s and don’t’s of the fashion world will keep on changing because trends come and go out of style.

I hope in the near future we Americans start to realize that we need to do something about our health. America should not be known as the most obese country in the world. I expect the next generation to be completely different from this one.


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