Baby Dumping

Students for the above course would have to fulfil the following requirements: Attendance 80% and above Completed their coursework -Individual Assignments – 20% -Presentation – 10% -Mid-term Test – 20% Final Examination – 50% Instructions for Individual Assignments 1. You are required to prepare 2 individual assignments on any of the 10 topics given. 2. Length of assignments should be about 5 pages (minimum) 3. Assignments should include the following items: Cover page Table of contents Introduction ContentConclusion Bibliography Compiling Bibliography Reference for a book • Author’s name followed by comma and followed by full stop • Date of publication (either in brackets of followed by full stop) • Title of book (either underlined or in italics) followed by full stop • Place of publication followed by colon • Name of publisher followed by full stop Example: Nazaruddin Hj. Mohd Jali, (2003). Malaysian Studies Nationhood and Citizenship.

Kuala Lumpur: Pearson Prentice Hall. Reference for a journal article Author’s name followed by comma and initials followed by full stops. • Date of publication (either in brackets or followed by full stop). • Title of article followed by full stop.

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The title must not be underlined; it may be within apostrophes but this is not necessary. • Title of journal ( either underlined or in italics). • Journal volume number/issue followed by the full stop.

Example: Lynch, B. K. (2000) A context-adaptive model of programme evaluation. TESOL QUARTELY 24/1 Reference for a newspaper/magazine articles Example:Anwar has described English in Kenya as “a language of communication with the outside world and with foreigners within the country” ( Straits Times, 14 July 2008) Things to remember • Your assignment should not be less than five pages (excluding cover page, table of contents, appendices).

• It should be type-written • Font size 12 • Style Times New Roman • Double spacing • A4 sized paper • Do not comb-bind • Completion of assignments Individual 1st Assignment – end of fourth week 2nd Assignment – end of 7th week Group by 30th November 2010 EvaluationMarks allocation will be as follows: Contents 6 Delivery 2 Language 2 Total 10×2 Assignment Topics 1. Crime cases among teenagers are on the increase. Who should be held responsible for this. 2. The responsibilities of politicians. 3. Drunk drivers.

4. Is shooting of criminals the answer to reduce crime rate? 5. Baby dumping 6. What is your opinion regarding the Judiciary in Malaysia? Is it able to play its role well according to the Constitution of Malaysia? 7. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Information Tecchnology development in Malaysia. .

Discuss the impact of aggressive national development on the environment. 9. What are the greatest threats to Malaysia? What are the possible solutions? 10. What is your ideal Malaysia? What are the values that you would like to see manifested in our society? Presentation: Debate (10%) Students offering this course are required to paticipate in a debate. The conditions for the debate are listed below.

1. The topic will be decided by the students but must be related to the course. 2. Time allocated for each team is 30 minutes. 3.Each group will consist of a chairperson and a panel of six speakers (three to a team). 4. Students are required to do a satisfactory research in advance on the topic chosen.

5. Students are advised to avoid sensitive issues and personal attacks. 6. Students will be evaluated as follows: Content – 4 Presentation – 3 Language proficiency – 2 Appearance – 1 7. Students can do their presentation starting from the 2nd week of the term/semester. 8.

Time Alocation: First Speaker – 5 minutes Second Speaker – 5 minutes Third Speaker – 5 minutes


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