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AWARENESS ABOUT ANOREXIA AND DIETARY HABITS AMONG TEENAGERS.Type of manuscript: survey article.Running title: Awareness about anorexia and dietary habit among adolescents Revathi.BUndergraduate student Saveetha Dental College, Saveetha University Chennai IndiaCorresponding author Mrs.Gayathri.RDepartment of Biochemistry Saveetha Dental College Saveetha university Chennai IndiaEmail: [email protected] number : 9176789720Author name : Revathi.B Guide name : Mrs.

Gayathri.RYear of study : l – BDS : 2017-2018ABSTRACT:The aim of this study is to create awareness about anorexia among adolescents who are experiencing eating disorder and it’s prevalence  in our society..MATERIALS AND METHODS:It is the questionnaire based online survey by using the link surveyPlanet. This survey was taken by 100 participants.

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All the participants were adolescents who are under the age group of 12-19. RESULT:In this modern and developing society, the trend has been changed. Many prefer to be fit and attractive. But though they try to be fit in unconscious manner by hurting themselves. This leads to a unhealthy society. Hence a good lifestyle changes and healthy balanced diet might help them to have a good physique in their own favour.CONCLUSION:Future generations are more important to make a healthy global environment.

And hence their health is needed to be considered the most. Though they unknowingly decide a wrong pathway but then it’s in the hands of their parents to correct them. It’s been proved that more than half of the adolescents fail to follow the balanced nutrition in their diet and remain purged or starved for a prolonged time. Finally a good life style changes and healthy habits/minds might help them to get rid to this disorder.Since many teenagers are affected with eating disorder and having unnecessary fear of gaining weight, extreme and needless weight loss, illogical fear of weight gain, and distorted perception of self-image and body.This leads to the many complications in future.Hence awareness about this is very importantKEYWORDS: anorexia-adolescents-eating disorder-complications-problems in their daily activities- healthy future generation


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