Authority Vs Individuality Essay Research Paper Authority

Authority Vs Individuality Essay, Research PaperAuthority is defined as a individual or group of people who control the society and do major determinations impacting the society. Individual is a individual who has no peculiar influence on the society and neither make his determinations. The term Authority may be applied to any type of people who hold some kind of influence or power on the society such as The Police ; Courts from local tribunals to supreme tribunals and of class the governing party of the authorities. The person may be a individual civilian.This essay will compare and contrast the manner the undermentioned text types present the construct of Authority and the person: Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury ; Billy Budd, by Hermann Melville ; Shawshank Redemption, by Hollywood Studios ; And the verse form Naming of parts by Henry Reed.

It will discourse how symbolism, linguistic communication of characteristics, subjects, and text signifier contributes to the manner they present the thought of Authority and Individual. It will besides discourse the province of Authority in that peculiar text type ( for illustration is the Authority right or incorrect in it s believes and patterns ) ,Fahrenheit 451 is a book written by Ray Bradbury, set in a futuristic society, about a fireman named Guy Montag whose occupation is to travel and fire the books, which are out, being the beginning of all strife and sadness.The two chief subjects in this novel are Social alteration and the forbiddance of books to halt inequality and Individualism.One of the alterations the Authority is responsible in this novel is Social alteration. Their chief intent is to non allow the single think entirely.

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The Authority does this by giving persons no clip to believe, as captain Beatty puts it:Give them slide fasteners alternatively of buttons ( pg 63 )Clarisee besides says in School, kids are given fun activities, are blasted with useless facts and information, and given no clip to inquire inquiries.In the universe of Fahrenheit 451 the books are banned. Figures of Authority believe that books create inequality by making an educated category:We must all be likewise. Not everyone born free and equal, as the fundamental law says, but everyone made equal. Each adult male the image of every other ( pg 65 )Books present readers with conflicting positions, therefore doing confusion:We stand against the little tide of those who want to do everyone unhappy with conflicting theory and idea ( pg 69 )Last but most significantly books allow people to believe which leads to individualism. This merely can non be allowed if any control over people is to be maintained.Ray Bradbury uses standard narrative characteristics in his novel, one of the strong characteristics used was playing with clip that is altering the clip to acquire his message across ( for illustration traveling from present to past to back up what he is stating )Billy Budd is a drama of a book written by Hermann Melville ; it is set in the 1798 in the wartimes on a British navy ship Indomitable. The drama is about calamity of a all right immature handsome crewman named Willam Budd persecuted by a malevolent maestro at weaponries on a British war vessel.

It is about how maestro at Arms falsely accuses Billy in forepart of captain, Billy is unable to support himself verbally because of address hindrance so he defends himself physically. Unfortunately the blow kills maestro at Arms. The Captain is so obliged to condemn him to decease because of rigorous naval subject.

Symbolism is used in this drama. Billy Budd is symbolised for artlessness ; Claggart represents evil ; and Captain Vere symbolises honest Authority. Claggart besides uses symbolism:The sea s deceitful, male child: composure above, and underneath, a universe of gliding monsters feeding on their chaps. Murderers, all of them. Merely the sharpest dentition survive. ( pg 19 )Claggart uses metaphors like the one above to frighten or warn Billy off from himself but unluckily Billy is unable to construe the metaphors.Captain Vere is the authorization of the ship, nevertheless he has superior officers:By authorization of his Gracious Majesty George Rex and Alan Napier, Viscount Kelsey, First Sea Lord ( pg 69 )The above quotation mark shows the supreme authorization figures.

Vere is a adult male who believes in regulations, ordinances, and process. In his sentiment, everything must be done harmonizing to direction. Captain Vere ever strives to make that which he believes to be right harmonizing to the Torahs set by his superior officers. The action of hanging Billy can non be blamed on Captain Vere but be blamed on the figures that made the Admiral Navy Torahs. Captain Vere non evil alternatively:Then authorization s an immorality ( Seymour ) ( pg 49 )The above quotation mark shows that Admiral Torahs are incorrect and evil.The linguistic communication used is really appropriate for it s clip significance that this is the type of English you would anticipate to betoken by eighteenth century nonreader crewmans some of the illustrations are ; He ain T here ; He don t confide ; and You was impressedShawshank Redemption is a film about an guiltless adult male, Andy Danfresne who is charged for slaying his married woman and her lover. Based on the novel by Stephen King, Shawshank Redemption is set in 1947 and filmed in 1994.The symbols in the movie have been used to convey messages.

The flag at the top of the prison ironically represents freedom. The apparels of guards ( black ) represent immorality. The actions of the guard such as when they enter the prison in formation suggests they are conveying that they are in complete control.

The stance of guards, standing unsloped, shoulders wide, and broad represents haughtiness. The organic structure linguistic communication of the captives, organic structure set, shoulders in haunch represents licking.The linguistic communication used in this movie is all slang and full of expletives. However it is appropriate because you would anticipate this sort of linguistic communication in a prison and in 1947.

The chief governments in this film are the guards. The major authortian figures are Warden and Mr Hadley, the Captain of guard. It is really obvious that the governments in this peculiar movie are incorrect in their beliefs and are ethically corrupt. The manner they menace the captives is no manner to menace human existences.

A authoritative illustration is when a fat captive starts shouting in the prison at dark on his first dark, so Mr Hadley bashes him so severely that he ends up deceasing. This act is of pure immorality and ferociousness. Through Andy we find out that for old ages Warden is doing money illicitly.Naming of parts is a verse form by Henry Reed about a new enlisted soldier sitting in the talk of how to run a gun. The soldier merely reiterate what the lector says but in a manner evokes nature instead so arms.The linguistic communication of characteristics include ; Similes illustrations would include Japonica/Glistens like coral ( Stanza 1 ) and like the bolt, /and the rear of barrel, and the cooking-piece ( Stanza 5 ) ; Metaphors illustration of metaphors would include the branches/hold in the gardens their silent, facile gestures, ( Stanza2 ) and The flowers are delicate and motionless ( Stanza 3 ) ; Alliteration illustrations would include: you have non got ( Stanza 2 ) and groping the flowers ( stanza4 ) ; and Assonance an illustration would be: Today we have calling ( Stanza 1 )The poet s basic message is that people should non be forced to enlist in the ground forces.

To reason all of the text signifier types have put frontward the thought that Authority is evil and incorrect in many ways. In Fahrenheit 451 it is incorrect by censoring the books. In the drama Billy Budd the Torahs of authorization are evil and incorrect they are made so that guiltless people like Billy could be killed.

The Authority in Shawshank salvation is corrupt ethically and evil in the manner they menace their captives and Henry reed in his verse form Naming of parts besides hints that authorization should non coerce persons to enlist in the ground forces. We are lucky that in existent life Authority in most instances is merely and right in it s believes and patterns.


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