Austrian the Far-Right Freedom party of Austria.

Austrian legislative elections were recently held in Austria 15th of October. The Austrian People`s Party lead by Sebastian Kruz won the most number of seats wining  62 out of 183 in National Council.

But they require more seats to form a government. Kruz is interested in forming Coalition with the Far-Right Freedom party of Austria. The discussions are currently happening to  form a government between  Austrian People Party known as OVP and Freedom Party of Austria known as FPO.

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Sebastian Kruz started his political career in 2009. He was firstly elected to the Austrian legislator in 2013. At same year Kurz became the youngest foreign minister in the world. Earlier this year he was appointed as the leader of the OVP as Reinhold Mitterlehner step down from the leadership. Kruz became the youngest political leader in Europe winning the last election.

Because of his decision to from a government with Far-Right FPO Party he has been criticized by international public. At this point of time we should identify what is Far-Right Politics? Far-Right politics is based on Right-Wing politics. Right-Wing is a political ideology which believes in Free Market Capitalism.

It is an anti-communist policy mostly implemented by Pro-liberalism states. Far-Right is also  a political system which believe in Capitalist economy but the specialty of Far-Right is that they are Pro-Nationalist. Far-Right Nationalism is most famous political discussion in modern Europe.  These political movement includes policies such as anti-immigrant policies, Economic protectionism, anti-Muslim,  Eurosceptism ( against the EU) and anti-elitism. Some of political critics criticize these political movements as Neo-Natsism. The National Front in France led by Marin Le Pen, UKIP in United Kingdom  led by Nigel Farage, Party For Freedom in Netherlands led by Greet Wilders and Alternative For Deutschland led by Frake Petry are the most famous Far-Right political movements in Europe.

Some of political scientist identify these political movements as Right-Wing Populism mainly because of  they are emerging by side of traditional political party systems in these states and also concerning the attraction that they continue to receive from the public. The FPO Party is the Far-Right party in Austria. Concerning the developments in Europe Sebastian Kruz s focusing to form a coalition government with the FPO in Austria. By doing that he will  able to create a balance between the Center-Right movement an Far-Right Nationalism to counter the political situation in Austria and to from a Stable government.                     


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