Atomic Bomb Against Japan Essay

In August of 1945 the United States dropped two atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing 130,000 and 60,000 people and leaving the cities in ruins. I think the United States made a wrong decision in using atomic weaponry to end the war. The usage of the bombs was inexcusable. It was inhumanity. First of all, Italy and Germany were defeated. Japanese already knew they would fail soon. It was lone wolf now.

Defeated Japan was easy than before. The allies only need send haft of their troops to Pacific; Japan will surrender.However, it seemed like a war between the United States and Japan. It was not a problem because the United States could defeat Japan by itself.

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Comparing the statistics between two forces, we could see who will be the winner. The battle at Tarawa took place in November 1943, more than 1,000 American killed, nearly 5,000 for Japan, it was 5:1 ratio. In Iwo Jima, early 1945, 7,000 U. S killed or missing, the number for Japan was 21,844. On the night of March 9th, 1945, 333 American B-29 dropped explosives on a 4 by 3 mile area of Tokyo.Over the following five months, American attacked 66 Japanese cities, leaving 8 million people homeless, killing almost 900,000. The United States won many decisive victories; therefore the usage of the atomic bombs was nonsense. Second, the USA and the USSR had never seen each other as friends.

Before the war, America depicted the Soviet Union as devil, and the Soviet Union depicted America as their friendship during the war was the result of having a mutual enemy. Although they have the same enemy, same goal to end the war; the tension between two powers was still exist.The bombs were not cause of Japan’s surrender. According to Gaddis Smith “the revisionists contended that the bombs saved no American lives, did not end the war and were really used to send an intimidating signal to the Soviet Union. ” The USA got the powerful weapon in their hands but it only on paper, in laboratory, in test field. This was the good chance for them to test their secret project on real person, on real warfare. It was also a warning for the USSR. The result of this event was the lost of massive innocent people for the thing the government called “the end of the war”.

The leaders who have power in their hands should thinking carefully before make decision to avoid any tragedy like this in the future.Citedhttp://articles. latimes. com/1995-07-30/opinion/op-29474_1_rorschach-test http://college. cengage. com/history/lecturepoints/part02_lecture09/part02_lecture09. html http://www.

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