Athletes in Society Essay

As Ron Artest lay on the scorer’s table, a drink was thrown on him by a fan. That moment marked a turning point in his career where he went from a tough defensive player to a hoodlum in the eye of public opinion. Athletes have a large impact on our culture on a daily basis. From Monday morning quarterbacking at work about what your favorite team should have done to win the game to the influence they have on the sports you decide to play as you grow up. Our children look up to some athletes more than they look up to their own parents.

Athletes represent a strong, powerful image that kids tend to model themselves after as they develop as young athletes. Some athletes like Michael Jordan have led many young boys and girls to play basketball. Ron Artest, in his ill-advised act, also laid the foundation for young athletes to learn valuable lessons about sportsmanship and what not to do when faced with adversity. Whether you like an athlete because of the positive example he sets, his overall performance, or because a majority of the world doesn’t like him and you like the underdog, athletes are significant figures in every society.Culture and Role Models Culture has an amazing affect and influence on sports played in that specific area. America has a mixture of cultures throughout the states that affect how each one is played. Scholarships are offered to those who show exceptional athleticism. In Ireland they play a sport similar to soccer but it is not called soccer it is called Gaelic football.

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Gaelic football incorporates elements of soccer, rugby, and Australian football. (Greenburg, 2011) An athlete chips the ball up with their foot then they can carry the ball by hand for no more than 4 steps and then they have to do omething with it and that can be as simple as throw it down to your foot and chip it back to the hands. You can also dribble the ball twice and kick it on the ground, this game is a mixture of many sports and is popular in Ireland because it is a sport that is played in that culture. Role models can have a positive effect on cultures. In India, 495 villages that had female role models were surveyed on education and achievement and then compared to other villages without any positive role models.The gap in education between males and females had disappeared because the girls had set their goals higher than ever before.

Esther Duflo is an economist that helped with the study and stated “We think this is due to a role-model effect: Seeing women in charge persuaded parents and teens that women can run things, and increased their ambitions. Changing perceptions and giving hope can have an impact on reality,” (Pereira, 2012) Sports and role models have helped mold the world to what it is today.In times of war people turn to some form of entertainment to leave reality for a moment and focus on some happiness and not negativity. Role models give hope and inspiration to the rest of the world and to those who believe that their life is worth nothing with a positive role model their life could be changed for the better. Good Sports role models Since the beginning of the 20th century such sports as baseball had become a very popular past time in American culture. Each turn of the decade there has always been a good role model in the sport industry.

Babe Ruth was a magnificent baseball player during the early 1920’s. He was voted the number two athlete during the 20th century. Another great role model and athlete to remember is Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali was an American boxer. His wins and 3 lineal world heavy weight champions inspired everyone to fall in love with a new sport boxing. Muhammad Ali demonstrated strong characteristics and passion for the sport. Athletes of the past century have inspired many of the new former athletes of today’s popular American culture. Sports in general have become very popular in society.From generations to generations such memorable figures such as Babe Ruth or Muhammad Ali have brought inspiration to work hard and succeed in a sport.

According to Davidson & Moran-Killer (2005) stated “when one considers the sheer number of people who participate in some sport , the revenues generated by it, the amount of media coverage, and the ionic cultural status of athletes, it is hard to imagine anywhere in the world where athletics assert a larger cultural influence” (p. 21). Bad Sports role models A role model is defined as a person who walks in a position serving as an example.This person possesses qualities to motivate and provoke others to change and become better. Televising sporting events and sports teams over time has become a money making business. A person who possess moral values and displays great leadership capabilities are often given sponsorship, which allows the organization to give an athlete millions of dollars to advertise their product.

Seeing different organization endorse players aspire children to want to become athletes, but are continually let down through the inexcusable behavior on and off the field.When they misbehave, the sponsors or sports national body has the option to tear up their contracts or renegotiate. A lot of sport stars draw much attention to themselves in the media. This results in a negative impact for everyone involved. The range of indiscretions in recent times include sport stars mishandling performance enhanced drugs, intoxicated incidents and some being charged with sexual assaults. This type of inexcusable behavior has created a bad reputation for sports.

An example is Tiger Woods.He was one of the highest paid golfers in the world, until he lost a major sponsor that resulted in millions of dollars. He also lost all influence in the eyes of the media, children, and the world when he was found being unfaithful to his wife. This made a major impact on his life and career. So athletes must be very careful when making decision, because someone is always watching your life.

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